Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where is the love?

Since I've started this blog, I have met some really wonderful writers and I'm learning so much from them and also from the blogs I read about the publishing world. My only gripe is that I need more love...well....more romance!

I am a romance writer and I need to connect with romance writers. While I love chatting with writers of all genres, I really need to find more writers that write what I write.

What do you write? Do you find it easier to talk about your writing with writers who write the same genre??

I belong to a writers group that meets in real life. Internet based groups are not for me...unless I could find a really really small one and I got to know the people really well first. But still....I NEED the interaction of face to face meetings and I find it completely amazing how many mistakes I catch in my own writing when I read it out loud. And I love my writers group, but sometimes I'm not sure if they are fully getting my stories. I am the only romance writer (and no one reads it either, but I do find it completely flattering that several members have told me they have never ever read romance in their entire life, but I was making them into a fan! and one was a man!) No one in the group even writes women's fiction. While I truly value the feedback I get from them, I do wonder if a romance writer could give a more tailored critique??? Or is telling a story, telling a story, genre doesn't matter?? I know I have a hard time giving critique on science fiction stuff...I don't write it, I don't read it, I know I don't completely understand it all...but I try to point out the things that stick out to me...and grammar of course.

I really want to join RWA- Romance Writers of America...they have a local chapter that meets once a month. Anyone wanna lend me $125??


  1. I definitely think joining a group of writer's that write romance would be helpful for you. They are people "in the know" about the genre. They have a better idea of what a "good story" sounds like in that genre. I could listen to Science Fiction, but like you said-I wouldn't really "get it". My criticisms might not be relevant to that genre kwim?

    I wonder if there are any other chapters of romance writers near where you live? There's got to be more writing groups out there!!!

    Maybe you could use some money from getting published to join that group? An investment in YOU, of sorts???

    Good luck!

    I don't read romance either though. Which again is why I think fans of that type of fiction would have the best ideas of what they like or don't like.

  2. Yep..there is a Western NY chapter of Romance Writers of America and they meet at a place that is only 15 minutes from my house. Joining is on my list of things to do and one of about a million uses for my royalties from my first book!! LOL!! And who knows how long it will take to earn $125! LOL! I'd have to sell at least 60 copies to earn that.

  3. I think genre does matter when others are reviewing your work. I like to get all different kinds of writers with different backgrounds in my groups, but I also like to have at least a few that write what I write. It's very helpful. Of course, I'm not quite sure what genre I do, so it's hard to find others who get it. I do know it has lots of romance in it, though. :)

  4. I find there are some sublte differnces when critiquing with writers of other genres. In romance there is more emphasis on emotions and feelings where other writers aren't going to be looking for that.

  5. hey stephanie, i would like to think that i was a good romance writer seeing as my current novel is based on love and its power. it's nice to meet someone who is just a passionate about writing as i am. i can't wait to catch up with your blog posts.

  6. Hi Aretha! Welcome!!! Thanks for folowing me!