Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally something....but still aggravating!

I finally heard back from my lawyer on Friday email. She said two of her clients were arrested during the week and that's why she hadn't gotten back to me sooner.

Though I do have sympathy for her busy life....but the bottom's not my concern. In my opinion, with any business, no matter if you're providing a service like she is or providing a product like I used to do when I had my floral business....a GOOD business person will make their clients feel like they are their only client. I don't want to hear about problems with other's none of my concern. What concerns me is that it was over a week past the date she told me she'd get back to me by. And that is unacceptable in any business.

So this email, she tells me she has reviewed the contract and to call her over the weekend to discuss it. This weekend has been the craziest I've had in a long long time...seriously jam packed. I emailed her back and told her that...though I doubt she cares...and said I would try on Sunday morning/early afternoon. I ended up having a tiny 15 minutes...but I was worried I'd be on the phone with her for an hour and I just did not have that kind of time.

I called her today...voice mail...I will go send her an email. I wish she would just email me her comments on the contract...and I have said this to her multiple times. I would rather have it written out for me so I can refer back if I need to. I can take notes if I'm on the phone with her, but it's hard to catch everything.

On a happier note...had a FANTASTIC time at the concert last night!!


  1. You are absolutely right. A true professional makes you feel like you are their main priority and doesn't need to feed you excuses. My best friend and her fiance are lawyers and get extremely busy, so she was probably telling the truth. But there's no way that she (or an assistant) couldn't have taken the time to send a one or two line email apologizing for the delay and letting you know that she hadn't overlooked you and would get to you as soon as possible.

    Some people are just crazy!

  2. She called today...and for as aggravated as I was with her taking so long and no contact what so ever.....she has done a muh more thorough job than I thought she would. Quite honestly, with how she's treated me, I expected a half-assed evaluation of the contract. But she surprised me...and even came up with a few things that should be only contract that weren't addressed at all.