Monday, June 29, 2009

Taming the savage beast.....

Or be-otch...whoever needs to be tamed.

I have to share this story because it's really quite funny and so true. I think there's something for all of us...something the soothes and comforts, that just makes any horrid situation all better!

Last weekend, hubby and I were on our way to see the No Doubt show. Instead of paying exorbitant amounts of money for cardboard that's passed off as food at the venue, we stopped at a little pizza/sub place on the way. We'd eaten there plenty of times...not my fav, but in that small town there aren't many options. We decided on a small cheese and pepperoni pizza, half with mushrooms, and an order of onion rings. Then we sat and waited...and waited...and waited....1/2 hour and we finally get our food. Mushrooms cover the entire pizza. Now by this time, I am starved. And I'm ornery when I'm starved. And I hate mushrooms. Hubby tried removing the disgusting fungi from my side of the pulls off all the cheese. I'm livid; smoke is oozing from all orifices. He takes it up...doesn't even have to tell the girl at the counter...she says "They put mushrooms on the whole thing, didn't they?" So apparently they have screwed up before. She says they'll make a new one....and the wait begins again. Lucky for them I had a bag of onion rings to eat. I'm still livid as we now have to wait again and need to get to the show and will not have time to eat our pizza at the restaurant...we'll have to take it with us and eat in the parking lot. I was completely grumpy and then like an angel flew down and sang into my ear, a song from my most favorite guys on the planet came on the oldie but a goodie, playing during the retro hour. I looked at hubby and a huge smile spread across my face and I was immediately soothed. Hubby thought it was hilarious.

So...what soothes your inner beast (or bee-otch)???

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