Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Website is up and running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it's nothing fancy...but it's there!!

We have Time Warner's Roadrunner as our ISP and they give us free web space. I used it before, when I had my floral business. Had my husband's cousin design it and take care of it and it was great. He did a fantastic job! But then I closed up shop and the website too.

But I have reason to have an official website again!!!! Don't really have the money to pay someone to design a new site for me and I really wanted to be able to make changes to it myself..instead of going through someone else. So I sat down yesterday and today and played around with it myself. It's extremely basic...but it has what I need for now. I'm not real fond of the banner across the top...but the space is much can I really complain????

I was a bit bummed was already taken...though when I typed it in, nothing came up except a thing saying it was taken. I could have had a .net or a .org...few others...but I don't know....I really wanted a .com. Got stephaniehaefnerthewriter for three years and maybe by then will be free to take!

And I even paid for domain registration all by myself and set it up to forward to my free web space!! So proud of myself!! I am usually not good at this kind of thing at all!!! But I used Yahoo and it was all really really easy!!

Check it out when you get a chance:


  1. This is wonderful! It looks great, even if simple. I like simple, as you know. :D

    I'm currently designing a site in Yahoo. It's so much work!!! Alas, it's not for my writing. It's for our sword rental business. *sigh* I need to get a writing one up!