Monday, January 26, 2015


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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New You???

Every year, media tells us we need to become a different person in the new year. If that's what you want...then go for it! Give it all you've got and don't stop until you're reached your goal! But I'm pretty happy with who I am. :)

Of course, there are some things I'd like to strengthen though.

Health and fitness always seems to be everyone's top resolution. Which sometimes only lasts for like a month...two tops. I've been making gradual changes for years, and I'm pretty happy with where I am. I came to a realization within the last year that I was unwilling to accept at first. But I am now better off because of it (Getting old SUCKS! But it's inevitable).

One change I have made is to accept life and not punish myself with food. I did a restrictive diet earlier this year because I was in a very desperate place. But it made me miserable. I woke up and now I do my best to plan out a healthy diet. I follow the moderation rule and have no qualms with splurging and eating things that make me happy. On occasion. I refuse to call it "cheating". I think the term "cheat day" is awful and no one should use it. It implies guilt. Cheating is not a positive term.

So this year I plan to nourish this plan for moderation and well-balanced diet and life :)

I plan to do find ways to work within my limitations when it comes to exercise. I can't be the person I need and want to be if I'm laid up on the couch because I'm in pain.

I will cultivate the relationships in my life, spend more time with the people that raise me up, who love and support me, and give less time-including my mental time- to the ones who don't.

Continue to plan fun family events and cherish the time I have with my kids, but no longer let others make me feel guilty for spending adult time with my husband and friends. My kids are important, but I need adult time too. I am a better parent because of it.

And of course, I have big plans for my career! If things go well, this will be another stellar year for me!

Happy 2015!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who wants to do a review for me??

I still have a few reviewer download codes for TRY ME ON FOR SIZE! And I don't want them to go to waste! If you haven't read it yet and would like to, and review it for me on various sites, please drop me an email at:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Too old for sexy???????

A few days ago I was in Kohl's. I was walking past the registers on my way out (I hadn't bought anything. Shocking...I know!) No one was around, since it was a quiet day, and I overheard the two cashiers talking. One made mention of her shirt and that it was her "sexy shirt". The other said "I'm too old for sexy."

My jaw hit the floor. And I felt so sad for this woman.

I don't think anyone should just give up on being sexy. No, it's not a huge priority if you don't want it to be, but I don't think "too old" is a valid excuse. If that's the case, then it would be okay for women to think they are "too fat" for sexy or "too skinny" or "too fill-in-the-blank." I think women should feel sexy at any age, any size, any state of mind. I think it's very important actually.

Sexy has a different meaning to everyone. Some go for the skimpy lingerie, others (like my husband) think oversize sweats are sexy. In clothes or out of them, fancy hair and makeup or au natural, big boobs or tiny ones, gray hair or blonde, 22 or comes in many forms, and evolves over time. And nothing should make a woman feel like whatever they are is too anything for sexy.

And I'm sure that cashier's spouse or significant other does not think she is too old for sexy :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reality vs. Fantasy

It's no secret, the romance genre is an escapist genre. I read it because I want to step away from real life and read something fun and exciting and sexy and dramatic...something that gets the blood boiling and the butterflies soaring. I want the fantasy of it.

But I know not all readers want that. I try to keep my characters very real and I'm often told readers want to be BFFs with my characters. That is my goal! They want a story they can relate to, and I want that too.

But I have no issues with putting in a hot sexy man as my hero! LOL!

I've heard from some readers that they like seeing real men in books. I try to make my heroes as real as possible. They sure have tons of flaws! And lately I've been into writing some kinda nerdy guys. But that doesn't mean they're not sexy as hell! Nerdy can be VERY sexy! ;)

But I do tend to lean more toward the heroes with fit sexy bodies. Why? I don't know. The simple answer....they're pretty to look at and envision while I write :)

So here ya go..... some sexy hot guys to get you through your day ;) Enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2014

What do romance writers like to read??

In my opinion, if you want great book suggestions, ask a writer. They know how to craft an amazing story, so it only makes sense that they also know one when they read one :)

Other than their own, of course. When it's our own work, we often alternate between "THIS IS THE BEST THING EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" and "This is the biggest pile of crap ever......" But in the end, we love our stories (that's why we write them!) and love reading other people's masterpieces as well.

For me, a great story has to pull me through a plethora of emotion. If you can make me cry, either out of utter despair or complete jubilation, your book is a winner. I love to laugh, and prefer to have a few giggles while I'm reading. I like steaminess. And I want to swoon! I know when I read romance that it will have the happily-ever-after I crave, but I want to think it just might not work out for those two crazy kids. I like twists and turns and I like being surprised. I like when the bad guy gets his just desserts.

So, if an author can do all that, I will love their books and devour every single one! Sounds like a lot, but it's really not. I just want to be immersed in the character's world and feel what they feel. :)

And if you want to follow along, I've started a board on Pinterest with some other fabulous contemporary romance authors where we post all our favorite reads. Check it out! You'll definitely find some awesome stuff there! Click the link below :)

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