Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Star Ratings on Reviews

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. So many authors out there seem to think if a reader gives a book anything less than 5 stars, it's a bad review. I don't get that AT ALL.

Let's look at how Goodreads describes each star rating:

5- It was amazing
4- Really liked it
3- Liked it
2- It was ok
1- Did not like it

And here is Amazon's:

5- I love it
4- I like it
3- It's okay
2- I don't like it
1- I hate it

So...what's so wrong with a 4? And on Goodreads, a 3 is lovely too. I only review on Goodreads, so I see nothing wrong with 4s and 3s. Amazon's system is a little different, so a 3 isn't really ideal there, but it's still not horrid.

Let's face it, I do not adore every book I read. No one does. If they gave every book a 5 they'd be lying. If I see a book listed on Amazon or Goodreads with all 5's, I am pretty positive the reviews are all friends and family. And we all know mommy isn't gonna give her baby's book a 1 or 2.

So if I give a book a 4, or even a 3, why is that so bad? A 4 is still really good. It means I really liked the book and had a lovely time reading it, even though I didn't want to kiss every word. And a 3 is pretty good too. It says that I liked it. Which is a hell of a lot better than not liking it. Maybe it just didn't give me quite as many warm fuzzies as other books have. Not every book will.

Very rarely do I even find a book so amazing it deserves the highest rating. Usually there has to be crying involved, either happy or sad. It has to leave me completely breathless and wanting to read again. I did a quick scroll through my Read folder on GR and there are 24 out of 141 with 5 star ratings. But some of those I know are not true 5s. They are authors I know and I was afraid they'd be mad if I gave a 4.

Of course I want good reviews of my books, but I never expect people to adore every word I write. And I sure don't want fake reviews. I've read it's actually far better for a review to have mixed star ratings, as long as there aren't many 1 and 2's.

I have always rated books on Goodreads with star ratings and a text review. I used to write my negative thoughts as well as positive, but once I became a published author, stopped the negative stuff. It's not my place to point that stuff out. So I would type a lovely review focusing only on the good things in the book, but the general star rating would reflect my overall thoughts. And 9 times out of 10, it was a 3 or higher. If I really didn't like something, I usually left the star rating blank and tried to write at least one positive thing in the text portion of the review. But now...after hearing how so many other writers think anything less than a 5 is horrid, I am afraid to give star ratings. I don't want my writer friends to think I hated their book because I gave it a 3 or 4. That is soooooo not the truth. So I guess I will go forward and leave the star ratings off.

This has been said So. Many. Times. But it needs repeating. This business is SO SUBJECTIVE! All art is, whether it be paintings, sculptures, music, movies, even fashion. People have different thoughts and opinions on all these things. And no two people will get the same thing out of the same book. And nobody's opinion is wrong.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cover Reveal Party!!!

Woo hoo!!!! On Friday I'm hosting a fun party on Facebook to reveal my cover for Try Me on for Size, my new book that will be released in August through Simon & Schuster's Pocket Star imprint!

Click here for the event page! There will be all kinds of fun stuff, including excerpts and prizes! Stop by for all the fun!

But right here on my blog, I'm doing something really awesome!! Lots of ways to enter to win a $25 Amazon or B&N GC!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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The winner is Melissa Giorgio!! Congrats!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are you a home body or a socialite?

It was recently brought up at a girls night function that the older we get, the more we yearn for home and all it's comforts. I suppose I can see that. I can also see how working all day out of the house, dealing with less than pleasant people, and especially this winter, dealing with the elements to get there and back. Who would't crave the warmth and quiet of home?

When I quit my job outside the home, I wondered if I would miss it. Part of me really did, but it was seeing my work family every day that I missed, not the job so much. And when I started working from home, I wondered if I would start to hate my house and feel intense cabin fever. Would I really be able to to do this work-from-home thing and not go insane??

I ended up adoring it. I love the ease of it. I do what I need when I need to. I make appointments whenever I want and adjust my schedule when needed. I wear whatever I want, which is usually yoga pants and comfy long sleeve tees. I can go au natural in the makeup department and just throw my hair in a headband or ponytail.

And the best part of all, now that both my kids are in full day school: COMPLETE SILENCE! I work best in silence. Many writers like music or the TV on as background noise. I can't have it.

So I guess I would say I have become a homebody.....during the day. But I'm a socialite too. I love to go out with friends, do fun things with my family, be out in the world! We're rarely home on weekends. There's always something going on, and if there's not, we usually find something. I love to walk down by the waterfront. After this long hard winter, I can't wait for that.

I guess I am all about balance. I like both! I crave home and I love being away from it. What about you??

Monday, March 24, 2014

Museful Monday!

I'm over at Sandra Sookoo's blog today guest posting about inspiration! Come on over!! Click here!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is blogging even deader than it was a year ago?

The more and more I talk with other writers, the more and more they seem to agree that blogging is a waste of time. No one reads them anymore. And it takes so much time to write them. That time would be better spent on other networking outlets or just plain old writing.

I occasionally read blogs. But I don't seek them out anymore. If I see an interesting link on Twitter or Facebook, I will click over. But gone are the days when I would sit here and scroll my blogroll and click on all my friend's and colleagues' blogs, read, comment, share, etc...

I remember when blogging was really really fun and everyone was doing it. I made so many friends that way. All the blog hops and events! So fun! I met so many authors and writers, learned soooooo much about the industry. It was an essential tool years ago.

It's sad that things have changed so much, but it's the way of the world. But for me, I feel like I have to keep blogging. This blog serves as my website too. For now. So I don't want people to visit it and see a post from a year ago. I want to keep people updated on me.

So my new goal is to post every Monday. About writing, life, food, any darn thing I want!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Get to know Oliver Christensen! YUM!

As we continue with a week of love and romance, it's time for you to get to know Oliver!

Celebrity you've been told you look like:

I've been told I look like that guy from that chick flick...Something Borrowed, I think it's called. He was also on that show about a prostitute. Colin something or other. Pretty good looking guy, so I guess I should be flattered. I don't see it though. I'm just a regular guy. 

Naughty food you like to indulge in:

It's rare I get the opportunity to indulge, but I love a greasy steak hoagie with fries and ranch dressing. Perfectly craptastic. 

What you wear to bed:

Depends who I'm with. My ex fiancĂ©...tee and pajama bottoms. With Mia, absolutely nothing. 

Favorite body part of the opposite sex:

With Mia, it's all about the hair and eyes. 

How many people you've said "I love you" to:

If you don't count my nanny, just Mia. 

Relationship deal-breaker:

Prima-donna behavior. I'm so over spoiled socialites. 

Your first kiss - How old were you? Did you instigate it?:

I spend a lot of my childhood being ushered from one activity to another. There wasn't much time for social interaction with the opposite sex. But when I was thirteen, my parents sent me to a hoity toity summer camp for privileged kids. It was supposed to be three solid weeks of enrichment and education. But when the counselors turned in for the night, these prim and proper kids did some very unproper things. I learned a WHOLE lot that summer about female anatomy. And being I was the new kid--fresh meat--I didn't have to instigate anything. 

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, describe:

Nope. Was never into that sort of thing. It was very frowned upon in my world.

Favorite alcoholic drink:

Scotch. The good stuff. But now that I'm with Mia, I don't really care to much for it anymore.

Describe your dream girl:

Low maintenance, fun, outgoing. Doesn't care about image or fancy hairdos and clothes. Wants to be with me for me, not because of my place on the social ladder.

So that's Oliver!! What do ya think????

If you want to know what happens with him and Mia, preorder Try Me On For Size! Release date July 14th! Click the links below!


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Want a mini taste of Try Me On For Size??

As a continuation of our love-fest week, today's event is romantic scenes from our books!!

Check out this scorching scene between Mia and Ryan/Oliver! :)

***Warning The following scene is suitable only for those 18 and over***

Mia searched her brain. What hot guy would be asking for her? She walked out to the store, all body functions ceasing operation as she locked eyes with Ryan. No breathing. No heartbeat. How was she managing to stay upright?
“What are you doing here?”
“I needed to talk to you. I didn’t like how we left things last night.”
“I told you I’d let you know about the job soon.”
He stepped closer to her. “I couldn’t wait. I can’t stop thinking about you…the job. I really want the…um…job.”
Mia noticed Bryn, completely gawking at them, all giddy. “Um, let’s go talk in my office.”
She led him to the tiny room, barely big enough for a desk and a couple chairs, and closed the door.
“I think you’re great and you seem like a good fit for the job—”
Ryan curled his hand around her waist and yanked her body to his, the force knocking her breath from her body. And before she could regain it, he’d covered her mouth with his.
Mia inhaled as she turned her head to allow a deeper kiss, melting into him, her arms having a mind of their own as they wound around his neck. Was this really happening? The ridiculously amazing guy she couldn’t get out of her head was there, kissing her, and not because it was part of an interview.
Pulling his lips away, he moved them to her neck and the sensitive spot just under her earlobe, making it even harder to speak.
“We have to stop. We can’t do this. I might be your boss soon.” That was the easiest and quickest explanation for why she had to stop this rendezvous.
“I don’t care,” he said and continued exploring her body.
Her brain told her to pull away, to stop, but with Ryan caressing her body, all intelligence and sanity had disappeared. All the reasons why she had given up on men had drifted away.
Mia put her hands to Ryan’s jaw, sexy stubble pricking her palms, and pulled his lips back to hers. His body pushed hers to the wall, his erection—all seven and a half glorious inches—crashed into her stomach.
There were far too many layers of fabric between Mia and that fabulous piece of manhood.
She tugged at his expensive leather belt, fidgeting with it as he took the hint and pulled open her dress shirt. Did some buttons just go flying like a soap opera sex scene? She didn’t even care. All she cared about was his soft lips and moist tongue devouring her pert nipples.
Pushing his pants and boxers down just enough to release him, she grabbed hold. Damn, it felt so nice in her hand.
“I want you,” he murmured against her breast and looked up, his body pulsing from labored breaths. “Now.”
Had she ever seen a man so hungry in her life? There’d be no denying him. Ever.
Mia slammed her mouth into his. “I want you too,” she said against his lips.
That must have been all he needed. Lips still firmly attached, it took mere seconds for him to drop her trousers and panties to the floor. Mia shook out of her ballet flats as he grabbed her ass and lifted her up, pressing her to the wall as he pushed himself into her.
Mia moaned out as the entire length of Ryan filled her, and covered her mouth with her hand. They both giggled.
“Should I stop?” he asked, breath rugged.
Mia wound her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. “Fuck no.”
Where’d that come from? She was supposed to be the classy one.
The chair,” Mia said, needing to take a little bit of the control.
Ryan moved one hand from her behind to support her back as he moved to the chair, nearly tripping into it. “Damn pants,” he said and laughed.
Mia laughed too, but only for a moment. She pressed her lips back on his and rocked her pelvis, faster and faster. She was close. He was too. She remembered how his body had tensed just before orgasm. Everything about him in that moment was lean and hard and…hot. A hand nearly burned her skin as it massaged her breast.
Ryan moved his hands around her, holding tight, as his fingertips pressed into her back and ass, a concealed moan against her lips. And it took her over the edge.
Sweaty and drained, Mia rested her forehead on Ryan’s shoulder as her breathing returned to normal.
“So, about that job…”
Mia burst out laughing. “Yeah, I think it’s safe to say I enjoy your penis.”
Ryan rubbed his hands up and down her back and she thought she might fall asleep right there. Was that what it was like to peacefully drift away after making love to someone? Not that what they’d done had been “making love.”
But she had to move. She had things to do before she left the shop. And some errands to run after that, before her fifth and final interview that  night. She needed to remind herself this was all for a risky business venture that rested in her hands. Or was it her vagina? Either way, she had one more penis to test and she was beginning to think she would not be able to do it objectively with Ryan so fresh in her mind. This had been a bad idea on so many levels.
Mia sat up and re-hooked her bra. “I have to go.”
He leaned to her, forehead to forehead. “This wasn’t just about a job.”
She hesitantly met his gaze. If this moment was actually happening, it had to be a ploy. He clearly didn’t need a piddly modeling gig when he obviously already made big bucks. “I have to go. I have another interview tonight and I have things to do before.”
Ryan’s head fell back. “Please don’t go.”
“I have to,” she said and detached herself from him. Damn, he was sexy sitting there on her office chair, dress shirt unbuttoned, strong thighs on display. And of course, his other powerful body part still half erect. He really was a work of art. She tried closing her shirt, but she’d lost most of its buttons.
“I’m sorry about your shirt.”
Damn, that smile was sexy. He could destroy every shirt she owned if it garnered a grin like that.
“It’s fine,” she said and pulled a spare Classy sweatshirt from her desk drawer. She pulled it over her head and stepped back into her pants. Ryan finally stood and pulled his up too. The typical post-coital redress.
“Please call me as soon as you make a decision.” He moved to her and placed a simple kiss on her lips. “Or just call me…for any reason at all.”
“You better get yourself together and go.” She stepped behind her desk and sat down, pulling out a random file so she’d look busy.
“Goodbye,” he said and opened the door.
Mia could feel his gaze burning into her. Don’t look up. “Bye.”
After what felt like a year, Ryan left and closed the door behind him. Mia slumped in her chair and could finally breathe. Why had she let him ravish her?

Want know what happens???? Preorder Try Me On For Size!! Links below!