Thursday, June 4, 2009

I HATE when I screw up!!!

Anything. It's not that I need to be perfect...but when I screw up something simple that I really shouldn't's aggravating.

I take a dance class...all adults...this is my tenth year at this studio. I danced when I was a kid, got away from it for a while, then went back when I was 22. I love so much. So much that I had a window of a few months to get pregnant in so as to not have to drop out of dance class (luckily I am a fertile myrtle and both pregnancies happened the first month trying so I did not have to miss a year of dance for either baby.)

So anyway...tonight was dress rehearsal and I screwed up something as simple as walking!! Well, maybe not quite that simple. We're very business like this year...we have two songs- that 'Money, money, money, money' song...the Apprentice theme song and then 'Taking Care of Business' mixes in. We're wearing hounds tooth blazer type coats with either black pants or skirts. The beginning of the routine is us kinda walking across stage like we're on our way to work..some of us have briefcases, coffee mugs..I have a cell phone. We walk off stage then come back and into our starting formation- a triangle/pyramid.

The stage is MUCH larger than our classroom....I basically stayed off stage too long and could not get to my pyramid spot on time. RRRRRRRRR!!!

Lesson dilly dallying for the real, then right back on!!

Thanks for reading to my rant!

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