Thursday, June 11, 2009 energy to write

I didn't sleep well last clue why. Then today was the kindergarten field trip to the zoo. It was fun, yet tiring. And it was kinda weird. Most of the kids had at least one parent or grandparent go. We took yellow school buses there and once everyone went inside, we all went our own nothing. Most of the day my daughter and I were alone. It was nice...but not what I was expecting for a school field trip.

So we boarded the buses, went back to school and the kids went to their classroom. It was only I went home and got on the computer. But I am way to exhausted to accomplish much more than Facebook, email and blogging.

Ever have days like this???

I do have writers group tonight and luckily I do have a piece that's all ready to be shared. I need some feedback on a contest entry. It's a short thing...700 word max...the story has to be about a past love.

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  1. I seem to be having a lot of days like this lately without much energy. I think it's been helping to focus on my priorities and focus on one thing at a time.