Thursday, June 18, 2009

Have to share my piece of exciting news!

Thought it has absolutely nothing to do with writing...not even a tiny but.

Those that know me well, and even some that don't, know I have a couple obsessions. I'm not talking about the things I love with all my heart, like my family and kids, or my writing...these are silly things that just make me who I am, things most people think are completely stupid.

#1: New Kids on the Block. (Can't help it..loved them since I was 11.....and they've only gotten better with age)

#2: My ever growing pressed penny collection. (It's quite hard for me to walk past one and not dig in my purse for 2 quarters and a penny)

#3: Walt Disney World (Just like my writing and what I like to read, nothing brings me more joy than being immersed in a fairy tale)

And #3 is why I'm posting today. I booked our next trip and we're going almost 5 months earlier than planned. I poke around online from time to of my friends recently booked a trip and another is looking to. They work fill time jobs and when I need a break from scanning my latest WIP, I pop online to check things like airfare. Well, today I came upon direct flights to and from Orlando, fabulous times (arriving in Orlando at 10:25 am and leaving at 6:35 pm) for $59 each way! Disney's Free Dining promotion has been in the back of my mind, but I had a bunch of reasons why it wouldn't work for us. Until today when I actually sat and priced it out and compared that with what it would cost to go in January when we originally planned. The deal was just too good to pass on.


  1. I love Disney! There is just something magical about the whole place. We're hoping to go this summer (luckily it's just an hour+ drive for me or I would never make it). Have lots of fun!

  2. So nice to be able to just go whenever you want!!! But there's also something about having to wait..."absence makes the heart grow fonder!!" :)