Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy weekend is over...back to work!

This was dance recital weekend. Our studio does a Saturday night show and also a Sunday matinee. I like doing two shows....two chances to perform...and I so love performing!! It is quite a weekend....very busy, house looks like a tornado came through, but it was so worth it!! My back is killing me (been dealing with low back issues for over 9 years now and usually I am decent...but my last chiropractor adjustment didn't help much. I may go this week, I'm not scheduled to go till the 25th- my once a month visit, but this month may call for two.)

Okay, enough of that babbling!

I hope to work on my latest story today. It is technically finished and I've been through it once for editing. I sent it out to some readers who gave invaluable feedback..THANKS guys!!! Now I will go back and work on some spots that are a bit confusing.

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