Friday, June 5, 2009

A last ditch effort

Double post's a couple hours later..and while I did not accomplish much today, I do feel somewhat better. I managed to fix a few typos in my latest story and started myself a Myspace page dedicated to me and my writing....check me out:

Anyway, I sent off my last ditch effort to find an agent for my third novel, Spellbound, which I have been querying like mad since March.

While writing this story, I never ever once thought of it as controversial, but apparently is can be viewed that way. I am told that one of my characters, (not the MC) who is a hoity toity bitch, is being seen as a representative of a religion. That was not my intention at all...her personality and the things she does have zero to do with her religion...that's just how she is. I think this is why I'm having trouble...not a single bite from even one of the 55 agents I queried. Maybe they are concerned that this will offend readers, even though I am not saying this religion is a mean nasty bitch like that character is...her son is completely opposite of her and he's the same religion, and his character is more prominent in the story.

So anyway, I can't seem to find anyone to flip a page with a ten foot pole.

But...I have this one last chance to find an agent....I have someone that will actually read it...becuase I have a connection. A friend of a friend's aunt is a published author and asked her agent to take a look at it. She was really swamped a month ago when this friend contacted her about she told me to hold off till June.

Sent the email off today with my entire manuscript attached, as she requested. Fingers are crossed......

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