Saturday, June 6, 2009

I never had a false sense of security....

but this still sucks.

I grew up in the city of Buffalo, NY. I grew up in an okay area but the older I got, the worse it got. I grew up locking doors at night and always locking the car and the last few years my parents lived there, they even locked their doors when they were home during the day.....

My husband grew up in a rural area about 15 miles outside of Buffalo. No one locked doors pretty much ever. He'd laugh at me when I'd lock my car doors in his driveway....habit.

When we got married we moved to the suburbs, pretty much halfway between our childhood homes. I still locked the door every time I got out of it, in our driveway of our quiet dead end street. Even though we had moved into a "safe" town I never let myself fall into false security. Let's face it, there are a$$holes every where you go.

Recently we moved from that tiny starter house into a bigger home in a different part of the same town...closer to a 'better' town actually...right on the border. We're no longer in a dead end street and we get a bit more drive through traffic. My husband still never locks the doors on the vehicles. And yup, last night, someone was in our van. This morning the glove box was open and another compartment too. The center counsel that folds down was down (which we always have things on it so it's never down). And the change that was in our change holder was gone. Luckily that seems to be it. All my cd's were there...(I would be devastated if my NKOTB cd's were stolen!!!!) So I'm guessing the thief was looking for something more valuable....navigation system, etc... We don't have one.

We were lucky but I still can't help but feel violated. Some stranger was in my car, rifling through my things.


  1. I had my car broken into before and felt the same way. Nothing valuable or personal was missing, but it was the really weird feeling that someone was going through your belongings while you were asleep inside. Sorry that happened to you!

  2. That stinks!!

    I am laughing a little bit though - because as much as no one wants their music to ever be taken from the car - when it isnt taken you think "hey, whats wrong with my music that you didnt want to steal that too". This happened to me in the city and they left my tapes and sleeping bag and I was thinking...hey what the...that sleeping bag is a slumberjack - its more expensive then the portable CD player you took. No real street value though LOL!

    Glad the car was not damaged.

  3. You can never be too careful no matter where you live at today. The econmomy is bad and some people get desperate for money. I'm glad nothing major was stolen and that the man had the decency not to break into the house. Glad your all okay. It sucks it happened to you.

  4. It's such a sense of violation when anything gets stolen from you. Our car was broken into years ago. They only broke a window and stole the radio...but it still felt scary.

    I'd also say for you to be careful of ID theft now...depending on what you kept in the glovebox...they may have ID info on you now.

  5. Wow! That is scary. Yeah, I live in an area where everybody trusts everybody. But I still lock everything. You never know... Glad they didn't take everything!

  6. Yikes! Ya, that would creep me out too. The idea that so close to where I slept, without notice, someone was doing that. Ugh. Guess they don't like NKOTB! :)

    I grew up in a suburb of a big city. Everyone locked everything-and we locked our door when we were home too. It was/is a safe place-but that was just standard. Where I live now is very small town. No one locks anything-ever. My neighbour leaves the keys IN his van, so he remembers where they are!!!! They all make fun of me for locking my door when I go on walks or whatever. The truth of the matter is-if someone wants in, they'll get in, locks be damned kwim?

    Not reassuring, I know. :(

  7. That is so true!! And very very creepy...