Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm going to be part of a huge literary festival in Buffalo NY!

I was born here, grew up here, still live here (well...a little to the east now, but still in the area). I truly do LOVE this place. And we have a HUGE cultural community...something most people are clueless about!!

One of the biggest events of the year is the Infringement Festival:

One of the organizers from my writers group secured a spot just for our group...two spots actually! We have an hour and depending on how many of our group members sign up, we'll get between 5-10 minutes to read...whatever we want!

For something fun and different, she plans on having a dry erase board. While she's reading our bio, we are to go up, write our name and maybe draw a picture, something that represents us and our writing. The organizer said she can draw a glass of lemonade....a poem of hers mentions lemonade, (it's quite famous amongst our group!) and her hidden meaning is not so well hidden.

So I've been thinking, what represents me??? I write romantic fiction. What's the basis of all romance..."Love conquers all". I thought of writing the word 'Love' and showing it conquering the word 'all'...a rebus type of thing, but not sure how to draw that. Then I thought of writing 'Love', drawing a line under it, then under that, in smaller print 'all else'. "Love above all else". Would people get that immediately?? I don't want them trying to decipher my drawing instead of listening to me read!!

Any other ideas??????

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