Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get hungry!

I feel so eager to work, to write, to edit, to create. I think it's all due to the publishing contract I received and will most likely sign (just waiting for my lawyer's evaluation) within the next few days and ship it off to my new "boss".

It's amazing how different it feels now. Before I was just writing for me, pursuing a hobby some people would say. It wasn't bringing in any money so that would classify it as such. It did have a purpose though. Making it my career was always on my brain, but I wrote because I needed to write. Now I'm writing for other reasons too. I'm finally getting to that next step and soon my writing will be out there for the entire world to see (and hopefully enjoy!). And it just makes me hungrier...not satisfied in the least. I want more. I want to write more and get more of my stuff out there.

My advice for today....get hungry. To all those writers who are leery about submitting to agents, publishers, contests, anything...just do it. Rejection will happen, it's a given.... I'm hearing some quote about death and taxes right now....but that one acceptance, that one yes in a sea of will fuel you and inspire you to go on, but it will also make you hungrier than ever, needing more and more!