Friday, April 8, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 7: G is for Grammar topic.

When I first started writing seriously with the intent on finishing an entire novel, I knew nothing. I just wrote. It was kind of freeing then. No rules, no thoughts of agents or publishers, or sales or reviews.

But then I finished it and wanted to get it out there for people to read. I went through and corrected the errors I found and then I sent it out. I later realized just how awful my grammar was. I am a great speller, so that was fine, and I know the proper usage for there, their, and they're. But tenses and POV and adverbs and dialogue tags.....I could go on and on......

It had been many years since I had last taken a grammar class. Like freshman year of high school, if not before that. I couldn't remember all the rules. I had to buy myself a little grammar handbook and basically relearn it all. And it didn't sick. I had to keep referring back to that little book repeatedly. Even now, after going through the editing process three times with a professional editor, and learning a TON, I still don't remember it all.

But thank God for my editor!! She is fantastic and just keeps helping me!! My only hope is that each time it at least gets a little better!!!

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop by the fabulous Sondrae Bennett's Blog! She interviewed me about my newest release, Paradise Cove!


  1. My mom was an English teacher, so we learned grammar early on.

    That said, I spent my entire senior year in high school, at the top of my class, with the word GRAMMER written on the spine of my grammar book.

    So ain't nobody perfect. ;)

    - Eric

  2. I remember taking a course on Grammar during my college days. It laid down a solid foundation for me now that I'm trying to write here and there. Great post! I'll run over to read your interview now. Thanks for visiting me today.

  3. LOL Eric!!! That is too funny!!!!!!

    A foundation is good Septembermom. Me, I hadn't taken any grammar classes since elementary relearning it in my 30's was so tough!!

  4. I despise bad grammar... we are all guilty from time to time... but repeat offenders AHHHHHHH

  5. Every time I get a good critique, my grammar gets a little better.

  6. I'm an English major, so for the most part, grammar comes naturally - but not always. I'm so glad the Internet exists so I can look stuff up! :)

  7. I hated learning grammar in school. Thankfully a lot of it stuck. At least now though, I'm willing to learn.