Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 16: P is for Photographs

I love taking pictures! Always have! I even love being in pictures, though most times I am the one behind the camera simple because there isn't anyone around to hand it to.

I am huge on memory making and capturing those memories. I fell crazy in love with scrapbooking a while back and turning my memories and photos into works of art.

I think photography is my favorite art forms..love the way a photographer can capture a facial expression, a landscape, something simple and showcase it in a way that is pure art. I once wanted to learn all about photography and I even bought a fancy slr camera with plans of buying all kinds of fancy lenses and such. But it didn't happen. And now that 35 mm camera is pretty much obsolete.


  1. My 35mm Canon is so old it looks and feels like a clunker. I said I was going to buy a digi camera after they matured, and I think this year might be all right, but I still haven't taken the plunge.

    I love taking pictures, though. I prefer outdoors using natural light since I'm no good at setting up indoors, and since lighting is so expensive and bulky.

    - Eric

  2. Now that cameras are becoming so much more complicated in what they can do I see photography as a much more used art form than it ever was. Several of my friends have gone into photography as a side business. It is not for just the big companies any more. I love taking pictures too but I have a basic digital camera that I love that takes awesome pictures. My son has a real talent and he has a lot of money invested in good cameras and equipment. He has an artist's eye with the camera. Great hobby for him.

  3. Oh, photography is one of my passions. I have an Canon SLR which I call, my baby. Total novice but I do love to shoot alot pics when my mood takes me. ;-)

  4. Coming from old-school, it has taken me a while to figure out digital photography, and the immediate pleasure the Sony something-or-other has given me. So easy for a tech.inept like me.

  5. I'm leaving this comment here to let you know that I've given you The Stylish Blogger award today.

    You can pick it up on my blog post titled "Pay It Forward"

    The Madlab Post

    Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to reading your future posts in this A to Z Challenge.

  6. Thanks Nicole!!!!! I may wait until after April to post though...is that okay???