Friday, April 22, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 19: S is for Stephanie

Yeah, that's me! This is the most recent photo I have of myself (with hubby)...I look pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! :)

So, an A-Z post all about do I narrow all the fabulosity of me into one short post??

As you can tell, I'm in a pretty good mood today. No clue as to why exactly. Life is good and I don't have anything to complain about today!!

So for my newer followers, maybe I'll just give you all some quick facts about me!!

Hometown: Buffalo, NY, born and raised and still living here (though I did move to the suburbs when I got married).

Birthday: September 8th, a true Virgo through and through.

Favorite Place to go on Vacation: Walt Disney World (I always have a trip in the works. Visit my Disney Blog here!)

Alltime Favorite Band: New Kids on the Block (Already got tiks for two shows this summer)

Hobbies: Dance (I take an adult jazz class and perform every year in the recital), Scrapbooking (nothing better than taking pictures and making them into works of art!), golf (I'm not an athletic person AT ALL, but I can golf decently)

Got any fun questions about me you'd like answered?? Post them below!!! :)


  1. what a cute Picture!! I don;t think I have ever seen a photo of you and your husband.

    My husband was born in upstate New York.... too cold for me

  2. Love the pic and love that you golf - woo hoo!

  3. Great stuff. :) Hmmm, a fun question.....

    When was the moment you decided you want to write? (Sorry if it was already answered.)

  4. So fun to find out personal stuff about you. :)

    Going to Disney in two weeks, so.... what is your favorite ride? :)

  5. Thanks for the question Kindros!!! I always write as a kid, journals and such, and wrte articles for a club I was in in high school. But when I decided to write seriously, fiction, with the intent on publishing it, about 6 years ago. An idea popped into my head and instead of just thinking it sounded like a good book, I actually write it down and started crafting!

    AWESOME question Heidi!!!!! Disney is always a perfect topic for me!! :) My absolute fav is Tower of Terror!! I could ride that all day long!!!!