Monday, April 18, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 15: O is for Ocean

I just love the ocean!!!

My first experience with the big blue was when I was a years old. My mom had moved to the west coast when my parents divorced. The summer when I was seven was my first trip to visit her there. We drove to the beach in northern CA. My mom lived not far from San Fransisco. I remember walking in the ocean...and it was cold! I have pictures of me and my brother in jackets and shorts, the wind swirling my hair around. But there were huge smiles on our faces.

Since that first time I have visited the ocean several times, some east coast visits too, where the water was much warmer! And there is just something about standing in the sand as your feet sink, waves rushing over top, and staring out at the horizon. There's nothing...just blue that goes on forever.

My husband and I took a cruise for our honeymoon and then another with friends a few years later. We got to test the waters of tropical so beautiful! :)

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  1. I like to look at the ocean... bu truly I am terrified of it haha

  2. You're right--the water is cold in CA. The entire time we lived there, we only went 1 day when it was warm enough at the beach that the water felt not-too-cold! That said, I could go lay there in the sand all day long and listen to the waves. In fact, I have a "nature" soundtrack on my iPod of nothing but surf. It's my favorite way to relax and fall asleep.

    Hubby and I are celebrating 20 years this summer--hoping to go visit some tropical beach.

  3. Oh yes, could definitely lay there all day!! :) I have pics of us at the beach in CA with jackets and sweatpants on that are rolled up. This was in the middle of July! i suppose So Cal is different...but No Cal...brrr!!!

    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!!!! Any thoughts on where??? We've been to several Caribbean so beautiful!! We've done cruises though, so no more than one day at each place. But nice all inclusive somewhere...oh, that would be nice! It's on our list!!

  4. I love the ocean too! (great cover by the way)

  5. I haven't visited a beach since 2005 and I really, REALLY need a trip! I was 34!!! SO young.

  6. I love the ocean, too. I first experienced it when I was 20 when I went with a roommate to San Diego for the summer. I kept a journal that I still have 50 years later!

    I'm impressed with all you've written. Looks like you're balancing the mom/wife/writer very well.

    I was scrolling through the sign-ups on KarenG's blog and happily saw your name. So you now have a new follower! I had to back out of the challenge a few weeks ago when a daughter had neck surgery, so I'm just posting alphabet letters when I'm passionate about a particular one. But I figure we can make new friends anytime.
    Ann Carbine Best, Long Journey Home

  7. Oh, I want to go to the ocean so badly after reading your post. Thanks for making me have a virtual vacation for the moment at least. LOL.

  8. We technically have beaches here...we are right on Lake Erie...but it's no where near the same as the ocean!! LOL!

    Hello Anne! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your compliments! Means so much!! I keep lots of journals- including travel journals- and I look forward to reading them a few decades from now!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!