Saturday, April 23, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 20: T is for Tea

I am a tea drinker. I have tried coffee, and various coffee beverages, and I just cannot get used to the taste. I suppose if I dumped a ton of sugar and creamer in it, I could probably drink it, but why do that just so I can be cool??

Instead, I drink tea.

I remember when I was a kid and summers when my mom would visit. She drank tea and let me have some too, and we always added sugar and milk. It was tasty. But when I grew up, I was drawn more to fancy flavored teas that needed no additives. Au naturale. Though I do add some honey of I need to..sometimes certain teas are just too bitter.

Usually I go for a green tea, a fun flavor. No black tea for me. Yuck! But I recently started drinking red tea at the cafe where my writers group meets. Very good!!

And the funny thing is that I do not drink iced tea. Just don't like it...tea should be hot!! Iced tea just tastes like tea that has been sitting out too long...I wanna go throw it in the microwave and warm it back up!


  1. I've never enjoyed tea, hot or cold. I developed a love for coffee in the past year...after hearing Dr. Oz talk about how bad sodas are for us and how coffee can actually be good for our brains. (Tea is better than all of that, no doubt!) I use Sugar Free Hazelnet/French Vanilla creamer with Splenda.

  2. I tried some herbal teas that are okay, but I'm not much for hot beverages (you're right, iced tea is yucky, although sugary Nestle's green tea with lemon is good). A couple times a week, I'll have a cup of coffee at work and add Almond Joy creamer for a hint of coconut! (I'll up my coffee consumption over the summer when I'm not working, might have to try red tea, too!).

  3. I don't mind a glass of sweat, cold tea occasionally, but I prefer Diet Pepsi to everything except wine :)


  4. LOL Stephanie...I use the fancy creamers in my hot cocoa!!!