Saturday, April 2, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge- Day 2: B is for Bitch

It's day #2!! I think I'm gonna approach this blog challenge by writing about the first word that pops into my mind that starts with the designated letter. Sound like a good idea??? I guess we'll just have to see who this goes!!!

Sooooo....the first "B" word that comes to my mind is...........Bitch.

Sorry...not trying to be profane here. The word is on my mind a lot, since it's part of my debut title, A Bitch Named Karma.

The name of the book was originally Not Another Chick Lit Novel. Originally the book was spoofy, kinda like those Not Another movies. It kinda poked fun of the genre and every bad cliche of the genre happened to one chick lit author all on one day. But as the story evolved, and became an actually story with a journey and emotion, the title just didn't seem to fit. (Plus, I didn't think it a great idea to make fun of my peers...I love chick lit, reading it and writing it!) But I couldn't think of anything else.

Then one day at my writer's group meeting, I had taken my newly updated query letter for some critique. The last line of the query said something to the effect of "....this bitch named Karma...." One of my fellow writers thought it sounded like a great title for the book. And I agreed. And then my brain swirled with ways to bump up the karma aspect in the story. It was always there, but now it was worked more into the main plot line.

But as much as I loved the title, I wasn't sure about using the "B-word" on the cover of a book. How would agents and publishers...readers...respond??? For a while, the title was A B!$@& Named Karma. Until a fellow writer (love those guys!!) told me not to be just go for it...not to hide or be afraid of my title. Karma is a Bitch and I shouldn't be afraid to say so. And he was so right.

And besides, those Skinny Bitch books were doing so well, why couldn't mine??

So there is post for B!! Any thoughts on words like this in a title of a book????


  1. I'm not easily offended. I say, if it works - it works!

  2. Certainly lets the reader know what type of tone and language they're in for. Cuts all that unnecessary wondering if the book is their kind of read.

    I love the title. It grabbed me the moment I saw it. And I'm not usually into chick lit. I've read past the first chapter, and I'm still hooked.


  3. The title is a hook in itself.
    You are not writing for children, so I wouldn't be concerned about offending anyone.
    My mc in one of my projects is named Karma, but she's not a bitch, she's just uptight.

  4. I completely agree with going with the word "Bitch" in the title - it's much more effective! Congrats on your book by the way. :)

  5. That's such an awesome title. It takes a lot to offend me, so I don't even bat at eye at having Bitch in the title. In fact, it would make me stop and pick it up! :)

  6. Thanks Meredith!!! The title and cover are what piques someone's interest first!!!

  7. Congratulations on your publishing success. Your covers are very vivid, and the title is fine, shows what the reader what they are in for, and it is a hook.

    All the best from another a-z challenger.