Thursday, April 21, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 18: R is for Romance Writers of America

I did it! I joined RWA!!

I had held off for a while. First of all, the price seemed steep and I wasn't sure I'd get enough value out of it. Much of it seemed online and there is a local chapter but I already have an awesome writers critique group, so why did I need another?

But then I did the Small Press Book Fair in Buffalo and felt snubbed and completely out of place. I needed to find where the romance readers hang out. And how better to find them them than by hanging out with local romance authors? So I decided to look further into RWA and the local chapter. I visited their site and they have some pretty interesting things coming up, including a meet where a Harlequin editor is coming to accept pitches. I thought that was way cool, even though I have nothing that would qualify.

The online RWA stuff seems good and I look forward to participating. I am dying to go to the national RWA conference in NYC this summer, but I would need some major cash. If I drive and stay with a friend, I would still need about $800. (And I'm already skrimping together funds for our family vaca in November.)

So, I'm giving RWA a chance and hoping I get my $110 worth!


  1. fun!!! I hope it works out for you. It is alwasy fun to feel like part of a group!!

  2. You WILL! I can tell you that RWA is SO much more than a critique group. There are workshops and even local conferences. It's GREAT for networking, especially for published authors. I wish SCBWI had the support system RWA does.

  3. The more networking/learning opportunities for writers, the better! I'm not a member, but I did attend a free workshop put on by a local RWA chapter where I live and these ladies really seemed to have a great rapport with eachother. Kind of made me wish I wrote romance... :)

  4. Thanks Stephanie!!! I think the pres and vp of my local chapter are going to do great things with the chapter...I am really excited. I had thought of joining like 2 years ago, but after some not so positive comments from a fellow writer about the local chapter, I decided to hold. But I think the new p and vp are making lots of changes.

    Yes Donna, they are a really great bunch of women and I look forward to meetings!!

  5. Hi There! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love a good romantic story- that Paradise Cove looks pretty sexy. I'll have to add it to my TBR list!

  6. Yay! I joined back in December after a friend of mine convinced me to. I'm soooo glad she did. We have an awesome local chapter, and I'm going to the nationals this year. They have a great line up for YA writers. :D

  7. Thanks Gina!!!!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!