Saturday, April 16, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 14: N is for Nighttime

The nighttime is the right time!! LOL!

There's just something about the changing of day into night and the the twinkling of stars. Magical.

When I was a teen, my family spent summers camping at a family campground. We were seasonal and we went every Friday after my dad got out of work and stayed til Sunday. We were pretty much allowed to come and go as we pleased. Days were spent swimming and hanging out in the camp's rec room playing ping pong and pool. Sometimes we'd get a volleyball game going or paddle out onto the lake in a canoe or paddle boat.

But nighttime...that was a whole different story. To quote Kid Rock, "We couldn't wait for night to come." (Yeah...his song All Summer Long pretty much describes my teen years.) I won't go into explicit detail, but there were many many many fun nights under those stars! ;)

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  1. I love the nighttime - especially when camping. In fact, I can't wait for the camping season to begin!

  2. Twilight is magical. I like to watch until to many stars have appeared to count.

    Campfires in the evening are soothing :)


  3. I like to do a 'camp out' in my daughter's back yard with my granddaughters. We lie awake, and watch the stars through the sky-light opening, talk about the jets overhead, the sounds of the neighborhood. they doze off in mid-sentence, and I lie awake listening to the sounds alone.
    While that sounds poetic, I don't sleep because both of them have grabbed up all the space in the tent, and I am crushed between them. still, a fun time.
    Will you let your teen-age girl do the same stuff when you take them camping?

  4. LOL Susan...can't think about that now! All I can say is that I hope to raise my daughter with a good head on her shoulders...teach her to make good decisions like I did. It was innocent's not like I was out getting plastered or doing drugs. And yeah, boys were involved too. I would never ever want to keep my daughter from making the memories that I made in my teen years, but I will teach her to be responsible and to make good decisions. I have zero regrets.