Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 10: J is for July

Summer is a great time to be in Western NY. Usually the weather is fantastic, especially by July. May is so so...we get good days and bad. June is usually nice, but not extremely hot, usually highs in the mid 70's. But July is when we can really start going to the beach and playing with the hose in the yard.

The kids here are done with school around June 24th...yeah...we go late. So July is the first full month of summer vacation. We almost never go anywhere in the summer. The weather here is too good. We have a lot of crap weather in Winter and Spring and there's no way I am wasting any of my beautiful summer in my hometown by going somewhere else!! We have festivals every weekend and activities galore!


  1. Hehe it's so funny to think about it like that. July means snow for me. :-)

  2. Our best months here in Missouri are May and October. I hate to leave home in October, but that's my kids' fall break, so we do often take a family vacation then.

  3. I live in the Hudson Valley in NY and I love July too. I'm looking forward to those warm days, and so are my kids!