Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 22: V is for Vision

I have a vision for my future. I think most people do. Or at least, they should.

I want the typical American Dream of being able to make money doing something I love, raising my children in a safe environment with love and as stress-free as possible, and enjoying time with my family. I want to be in a place financially where we don't worry about bills. I'm not looking to be rich or buy extravagant things, I just want to be comfortable and lose the stress of existing on one income.

What's your vision for the future??

I can see your future...and it includes a guest blogging spot on my blog or an interview!!! :) Anyone interested?? I'm thinking of starting a weekly feature. Let me know by posting a comment or emailing me directly: haefner919@yahoo.com


  1. I was thinking about this yesterday. I don't really have a vision for the future, but in place I have goals which I want to achieve. At this moment, I'm happy with my progress towards these goals. I could go on and on about this, it might turn into a blog post. :)

    Great post.

  2. Glad my post can be an inspiration!! :) I know where I want my career to go and I'm working toward that goal. Hopefully hard work will pay off someday!! Good luck to you!!

  3. Vision! Something I lack these days with respect to my professional career. I'm happy with the writing and family and some other things, but my career went from bullet train to Chuck-E-Cheese kiddy ride.

    I'd love to work from home, even if it meant as much as a 10% paycut. Much more than that would be uncomfortable.

    I need to form out that vision, though, make plans and goals and execute to those goals, and accept the consequences. It's possible to achieve your dreams, but be careful it's the dream you want!

    - Eric

  4. Very true Eric....I spent a lot of time reaching one career goal and when I got there...it started to become such a chore.....my passion for it waned and I found something else to love. Who knows what will happen in the future...maybe this will lead me somewhere I didn't expect, just like my first career did...but that's what life is all about...finding what makes you happy!

    Thanks for stopping by!