Wednesday, June 23, 2010 it but it seems like it's going down hill.

I was not the first of my friends to join Facebook, but was definitely ahead of most. It was the coolest thing ever! I had been on Myspace before and that was cool then...but FB was so much better!! I loved the status updates...little tidbits of my friend's lives. I loved being able to log in and scroll through...maybe 15-20 minutes of my time, and be instantly updated on all my friend's lives.

I reconnected with friends from years ago and even my friends now, and was able to talk with them on a daily basis. And other friends who were merely acquaintances before had now become a friend.

Whenever there was a party or some event, it was always a race to see who could post their pictures on FB first and we'd all tag and comment on the pictures! So so cool!!

But now...seems like FB isn't what it used to be. And that makes me so sad. It was perfect for me. I could get on at 10 am or 10 pm and catch up on everyone's posts and comment on them. Seems people aren't on like they used to...people aren't updating their statuses or commenting on mine. I Twitter, but it's no where near the same.

I started my FB Fanpage a while back and have some fans that aren't people I actually know in real life. that is pretty cool! :) if you're not a fan and would like to be....check me out here!

So what are your thoughts on Facebook??? Love it, hate it.....sad that's it seems to be on the decline??? I know I am :(


  1. I loved it, but all the app games drive me crazy.

    I'm one of the people that have stopped updating so often. :D

    And now that a lot of my relatives are on there rather than just friends, I feel like I have to be careful if I want to vent about something.

  2. I like FB...and I feed links, blog posts, etc through to it on a daily basis. I've got all of my "friends" set up in groups so I can hide statuses from, say, my family if needed, though I'm still careful about what I say. I don't talk about my writing with family much (too complicated), so I'm not as active there as, say, on Twitter. I do like FB better than Myspace, but keep a profile at both for networking purposes.

    Twitter is my main "soc. media hub" - the rest are kind of auxiliary for me. I'd hate to see FB go away though.

  3. I prefer fb to myspace and twitter. Just never got into myspace although I do have a myspace page. As for twitter, I'm not on it long enough or often enough. Seems to me that whenever I do log on, I'm on there much longer than I mean to be and it cuts into my work too much. But fb, I can quick check updates, post an update myself, and be done with it. I also have a fan page, which is cool.

  4. I feel so lucky to be able to keep in touch with my relatives through one cousin is in Germany right now and FB has made it so easy for me to chat with her, see sonogram pics she's posted. I know when she has her baby, very soon, who knows when I'll actually see him in person.

  5. I'm not on Facebook, but I hope blogger doesn't go that way.

  6. I LOVE so easy to use!! I'd be so upset if we lost Blogger!!

  7. I noticed that, too! It makes me sad. Honestly. Sad. I miss my friends and family and it is such a good way to connect.