Monday, June 21, 2010

My blog is now my official website

I started this blog and it was great. I was really getting into the whole blogging community thing! Loved it! But I still needed a website for general info and such. I used my free webspace that my ISP allows me and used their template. Very blah and boring...very basic. But it was free. No money in the budget for website building these days.

But then Blogger allowed you to have pages on your blog. This was FAB!! I added some pages and the blog now had all the info I why keep a crappy looking site???

I just changed my site forwarding to the blog. So happy about this change. Now everyone will only see my fab looking blog!!


  1. Hi, Stephanie! Followed you over from Elana's blog. Yours looks great - and I love that Blogger lets us now have pages. I'm only using blogger as a blog for the moment, but I think I'm going to use Blogger as my "official" page, too. Nice blog!!

  2. Awesome! I thought of doing this with my Innocent Flower blog, but I decided to have a separate blog that I could dedicate just to my book stuff - and that had my full name in it for googling purposes. I love how blogger has changed this past while with updating what you can format and design. It's great!