Tuesday, June 1, 2010

After the first 5 months of this year....

Where are you in your book reading goal for this year????

So many people strive for 100. I know that would be an insane goal for me to make. I have kids and a husband, I write my own stories, I edit those stories, I network and promote myself, I have friends and a social life. There is no way I could read 2 books a week, unless kids' books count. (which in my opinion, for this they don't!)

I gave myself a 30 book goal. That seemed much more doable for me. And so far I'm doing okay, but not as great as I'd hoped by now. The other night I finished book #10. That's two books a month. I'm definitely behind, but considering I only read 16 books all of last year (which I can't believe I am admitting that to all of you!!), that's not too bad.

Here is what I read so far:

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell
Triad (Courtland Chronicles, #5) by Cat Grant
The Arrangement (Courtland Chronicles, #4) by Cat Grant
Complications (Courtland Chronicles, #3) by Cat Grant
Strictly Business (Courtland Chronicles, #2) by Cat Grant
By Chance (Courtland Chronicles, #1) by Cat Grant
Once a Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance) by Linda Warren
All Fore Revenge (Paperback) by Piper Denna
Pretties (Uglies, #2) by Scott Westerfeld
Uglies (Uglies, #1) by Scott Westerfeld

Now I am reading Specials by Scott Westerfeld, the last in the Uglies series.


  1. Hey - I guess the Uglies series is pretty good? I am finishing up Samaritan now and am keeping an open ear for new books ... :-)

  2. I read Pretties, Uglies, and Specials, and enjoyed all three thoroughly. :)

  3. I am usually not one to enjoy sci fi futuristic stuff but the Uglies series sucked me right in...cause a lot of it sounds like it could actually happen!

    But usually I prefer true to life stories....things I can relate to or stories that make me nostalgic! One reason I love coming of age YA.

  4. I'd tell you, but you'd have to kill me. ;-)

    Congrats on making good progress though! Glad your reading goals are going well...

    (I know I owe you an email...coming soon, promise. ;-))

  5. LOL!!! Looking forward to your email!