Friday, June 11, 2010

Party Post #2: More Food!!!!

What is a party without awesome food????

Uh....pretty boring.

Here is what I'm serving to my guests tomorrow:

Cheese 'n Crackers
Taco Dip
Meatballs with a Sweet 'n Savory Sauce
Fruit Salad
Peach Salsa
Rye Bread cubes with Dill Dip
Roast Beef Wraps
Turkey Bacon Ranch Wraps
Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions
Roasted Red Pepper Dip with Tortellini
Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

I'm giving away another food related prize!!! Along with the recipe for THE BEST guac on the planet (which also just happens to be low fat) will be a fun bowl to serve it in!!

All you need to do to enter is #1, be a follower, and #2, answer this question:

Where did I go to college and what was my major????

Gotta do some research to find this answer...but it shouldn't be too hard!!

First poster with the correct answer wins!

And don't forget...enter my contest from Monday to win a digital copy of A Bitch Named Karma!!


  1. Your party sounds great! My husband LOVES guacamole!
    I have no clue what the answer to your question is, but I hope you had a great time with the party. :-)

  2. I hope your party is a huge success and lots of fun.

    I'm here from my friend Roxy's blog. Nice to meet you.


  3. Thanks for stopping in Jessica and Lola!!

  4. Hasn't anybody answered your question yet? LOL. I know you went to Alfred for floral design but had to look up the actual degree...Floriculture Merchandising. But you also applied for journalism but went the floral route, started your own company, etc. etc. Does that win? Is it fair that I have an advantage? LOL. Love ya!

  5. comment didn't post so let's try again.

    Hasn't anyone answered your question yet? I know you went to Alfred and I know it was for floral design but had to look up the actual degree...floriculture merchandising. You also applied for journalism but went the floral route. Started your own wedding flower business, etc. etc. Does that count? Does it matter that I have an advantage, LOL? Love ya!

  6. LOL, now it posted twice. Does that mean I win twice???

  7. LOL! Krissy! Advantage or not, the answer was very easy to find (About Me page of this blog!) you win!! I'll try and remember to bring your prize on Saturday!!

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