Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is a MUST READ!!

Is print dead???

I know there are tons of people saying "Hell no!!!" right this very second....but did we ever think there would be homes without phones in them? I don't have a phone in my home...well, that's a lie...I do..I have an alarm clock telephone. But it's not connected to a phone jack. We only have cell phones.

I came across this post on Amanda Young's Blog: Romance Without Inhibition and I just had to share. It's a article she posted by J.A. Konrath and it is absolutely brilliant!!!


  1. I'm on my way to see it now. I am one who still has a house phone, but that's because I don't give anyone but a Certain Highlander my cell number. When I'm away, I like to be REALLY away and not get phone calls all the time. I need time away from the electronics to clear my head.

  2. That was just awesome. I actually re-posted.

  3. India, when we moved two years ago, we decided it was stupid for us to pay $50+ for a home phone and then another $65 for cell phones. With having the kids, we felt we needed the cells when they were with a sitter, plus my husband drives pretty far for work through rural areas. We are hardly on the phone so we had to choose one or the other...and cell phones won. A lot of people are starting to make that same choice.

    As far as this article, I thought is was unbelievably amazing!! Spot on reality check!

  4. Konrath is a huge inspiration to me, and one of the reasons I'm going to self-publish right along with trying to get traditionally pubbed. He's a very smart guy, that Joe...

    We don't have cell we have our landline (that we only use a few times per week - I do most of my communicating via email & soc. networking sites). But I realize we're in the minority there. ;-) I'm with India - when I'm out of the house, I don't want to be reachable. That's the whole point of being "out", IMO.

  5. We never even had cell phones until we had kids....then I felt a huge need to be reachable at all times!!! Well...when our kids were at a sitters house anyway!! LOL!