Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Monday!!

Today is my hubby's 36th birthday!!! And in honor of him, I was gonna feature his favorite movie.....but I don't know if I could say anything nice about it.....

We watched this movie on our first "date".... we had gone to the mall and then back to his house to hang out. It's just not my thing.

So I'm trying to think of some other movie that we love together or something significant. All that comes to mind is the very first movie we went to the theater to see together. Now....this movie is definitely not on my list of all time favs, but I do love it!! Not sure if it's necessarily because of the content of the movie or just the nostalgia of it being our first movie date together!!

Clueless came out in July of 1995, just after I had graduated from high school and merely weeks after starting to date hubby. I totally had the little pleated skirt with the thigh high stockings!! The midriff-baring sweaters and shirts!!! The fashion trends from this era were so fun!!! I so wanted everything Cher wore in the movie!!!

This movie is a feel good kind of movie...the spoiled rich girl decides to use her popularity and money for the better good. You can't help but love Cher, even in the beginning when clothes and shopping are her life. She is just a lovable character from minute one! And I think that's what any author or writer wants...they want their characters to be loved, flaws and all, from the very beginning.

I loved Alicia Silverstone in many movies (Ever see Blast From the Past?? I may do a Movie Monday on that one!!) and I think Clueless was really her big break...after this, everyone knew who she was. The movie started some other pretty big careers too: Brittany Murphy (May she rest in peace. I so miss her!!), Paul Rudd (Yeah..think back..he's the kinda cute yet dorky older step brother who Cher falls in love with!), Stacey Dash, and Donald Faison.

So...were you a Clueless fan?? And more importantly, did you wear any Clueless inspired clothing??? :)


  1. LOVED clueless and YES - I totally copied the clothes. Huge chunks shoes, knee socks and disastrously short skirts. LOVED. Still love :)

    French Kiss and So I Married an Axe Murderer are on my short list of movies my husband and I have spent a lot of time watching together.

  2. LOL!!! Trying to remember what shoes I wore with those outfits and I really can't remember!! I think I had this pair of black shoes with a buckle...but I know they weren't huge and chunky!! LOL Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. awwww you r first date movie!!! So cute haha. Ours was the Lake house... it was kind of boring ...

  4. I liked that movie but I wouldn't call myself a fan. I loved the way the screenwriter introducing cutesy little sayings that ended up becoming part of youth vocabulary. ("As IF!") Didn't putting an L on your forehead to indicate a loser come from that movie, too.

    The first movie I saw with my husband was Semi-Pro. Not such a good movie...and certainly not something I'd want to watch again with fondness!

  5. LOL Stephanie!! We actually just saw Semi Pro a couple months ago!!! Yeah...not a great movie!!

    I love when a movie effects society like Clueless did! Someday I want to be the person who writes a book that does that!

  6. I love Clueless! And the cloths! When it came out I wasn't allowed to see it because of the sex/drug but I totally did anyway and didn't get the references! Ah...young...(years later there was definitely an "OHHH!" moment.) Great movie, though.

    First hubby movie was a $5.00 copy of Saw we picked up at the store on the way home with Chinese. Yeah...neither of us were very fond of that experience...

  7. I loved Clueless, but I wasn't allowed to watch it at my grandparents b/c they thought it was scandalous!

  8. LOL Colene and Beth!! My parents were real strict with what I watched as kid too... My hubby will talk about some 80's movie and I'll admit I never saw it...he thinks I lived a sheltered life!! LOL!!

    I was 17 when Clueless came out, and it was only pg 13, so nothing my parents could say about that!! LOL!!