Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do you love me???

As much as I love it, today I'm not talking about this iconic teach-Baby-to-dance scene from Dirty Dancing!

Today I'm talking about author and book love.

When you read an awesome takes your breath away, makes you cry and laugh...or if mysteries are your thing, keeps you stumped til the end then blows your mind when you find out who did it. Books often have a profound affect on us...sometimes we can't get them out of our heads and think about them for days and weeks afterward. We can't wait until the author releases the next book in the series or releases anything else in general.

But what do you do after that?? Do you show the author your love???

Many authors have email address for readers to contact them at. Many have blogs and Facebook pages, they Twitter or use whatever type of media they like most. But how many fans actually show tell them how much they adored their book??

Let me tell you, we LOVE it!! NOTHING brightens my day more then hearing that someone loved my book and can't wait for my next one. It reassures me that I am actually doing the right thing here by continuing to pursue this dream.

Wanna show your favorite author even more love?? Pop over to Goodreads, Shelfari, and Amazon. You can leave a comment/review for every book listed. Great reviews help more than you can ever imagine!


  1. huh i never thought of that! i will have to do that to some of my fav authors!

  2. Amen!

    I'm much more apt to write and tell and author I loved a book than I ever was before! Emails and notes I get are the BEST part of writing!

  3. I've wondered about writing to some of my favourite authors and telling them how much I love their books and thought they might just think I was a nutcase, so didn't. So that's great to know!

  4. I did that recently! A blogger challenged everyone to contact an author (a challenge I should try putting on my blog, actually). I'd finished a book I REALLY liked -- a kids' book called Dani Noir -- so I contacted the author and gushed about it. It was her first book (she has another coming out soon) so she was thrilled that I'd taken the time to let her know how much I liked it. I felt good, she felt good...

    But what DOESN'T feel good is when you make the effort to contact the author and they don't respond. That's happened every other time I've tried it in my life, sad to say.

  5. Until I started writing myself - well, and blogging - I thought only stalker types and paid reviewers sent letters to the author. Oh, see, there it is - letter to the author. I never thought the author would actually read it from a "fan".

    Now, with e-mail and blogs and websites, its easier to think about contacting the author just to say I enjoyed your book.

    Its been a while since I read any mass market novels - even from my favorite famous authors. I'm sure I'll be a little braver with the book love now though :)


  6. Stephanie, that stinks. I guess some authors are too busy to respond to every email...I'm sure someone like JK Rowling gets an insane amount of fan mail!! LOL! But even if you don;t send a personal email, reviews on Goodreads and such are surely appreciated from big time authors.