Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie Monday

It's Movie Monday, week 2!!! Wondering what movie should be next....the first was so brainer. But the next one...a bit tougher. But I'll go with a classic.

This story is one I read first, in college. It wasn't a requirement for a lit class or anything. It was a challenge to read it (all 1048 pages of it) and I just wanted to prove to myself that I could read a book that long. But I didn't expect to fall completely in love with it.

Aside from a few slow chapters during the war, I devoured the book, reading it in my dorm room bed every night (I was a senior and I didn't have too much studying that semester). When I was home on break after finishing it, I rented the movie. And I adored seeing this grand epic come to life before my eyes. This was the early days of computer generated special effects, no fancy cameras. Plain, simple movie making and I was in awe. Vivien Leigh is breathtaking in every scene and who can resist Clark Gable as Rhett Butler...the original bad boy.

Now, I do admit, I was a bit disappointed...there was so much that was left out. But geez....the movie was over 3 hours already...had to cut some stuff out of a 1000+ novel!!

Trying to pick a favorite scene and I'm not sure I can. I do love the beginning...the barbecue at Twelve oaks...before the war starts. And the icon scene where Rhett lifts Scarlett and carries her up the stairs!

And who can't identify with Scarlett O'Hara, lusting after a man she cannot have???

A few years ago we took a trip to visit friends in North Carolina and decided to take a side trip to Atlanta before coming home. I had heard of a Bed and Breakfast called Inn Scarlett's Footsteps and I checked into it. They had a room available!! Being a northerner my entire life, I had never experienced anything like this before...I'd only seen places like this on tv. And we were actually going to sleep there!!!! We got the Rhett Butler room. We also visited the Margaret Michell house while in Atlanta, the place she lived while she write Gone with the Wind.


  1. awww this reminds me of my grandma. This is her favorite movie

  2. She has great taste!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. I wish I'd read Gone With the Wind before I saw the movie. It's not the same once you've seen the movie.

    My husband still hasn't seen it. And he is amazed at some of the classics I haven't seen but, come on, GONE WITH THE WIND. That's a must-see!

  4. I really want to watch the film, but I'm afraid of the 3 h. I should just start, I guess.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  5. Stephanie, there are so many classics that I haven't seen either...I had Casablanca on my DVR for like two years and finally deleted it because our memory was almost filled! LOL!

    Nahno, it is long.....but you can always watch the first half (there's actually a little intermission!!) and then stop it and save it for another day!