Monday, March 14, 2011

Movie Monday

Today's movie is one that makes me cry every single time. Not just eyes glazed over...not a tear or too...I mean waterfalls from my eyes.

I saw The Notebook at the theater...hadn't even heard of Nicholas Sparks at the time. A friend had won tickets to a special screening of the movie before it was released in theaters...she could bring like 15 people and I was one of the lucky ones. Had no clue what the movie was even about, but free is good! I sat in the theater with my hubby and a bunch of other friends, mostly couples. I don't think there was a dry eye out of any of us.

Anyone's who's married, or in a serious relationship, has to identify with Noah and Ally. The great love between two people and to have something as awful as dementia happen to you...I can't even imagine. And hope I never will.

The unavoidable love between two people who weren't supposed to fall in love....who can resist a story of people who come from opposite sides of town? The summer fling that turns into true that time can't destroy.

And that hot kissing scene in the rain......Oh. My. God. Makes ya not wanna dodge the rain anymore.....

So, what do you think??? Is The Notebook on your list of favs???


  1. oh yes this is certainly one of my favorites!

  2. Yes it is. Definitely. I'm like the stupid kinda movie watcher that likes to see the Nicholas Sparks adaptations again and again even though it's pretty much the same. He just gets me.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  3. Oooh, I love your Soap Dreams book cover. It jumped out at me!

    Nicolas Sparks bugs me because it's always the same. Love, beauty, then death. Every book. Although I know The Notebook was original since it was one of his earlier books.

  4. Thanks so much Stephanie!!!

    Very true, though I haven't seen/read too much of his work. But it's that emotion that sucks me in every time!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!!

  5. Yes! This is on my list. Another one is 'A Walk To Remember'. UGH. I sob every time!! Then I ask myself why I continue to torture myself but in the end, I just can't help it. If I come across it on cable I'll click it immediately!

  6. Oh, yes, another great tear-jerker!!! Mr. Sparks sure knows how to make us weep!!