Monday, November 30, 2009

Signed my first autograph!

It was quite the surreal experience!!!!

We went over to hubby's grandparent's house this past Friday for cake and ice cream to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. Just to fill you in, he just married hubby's grandma 12 years hubby was already an adult when he started coming around. The got married the summer before hubby and I did. He is really a fantastic man and no one ever found any hesitation in calling him "Grandpa" right from the beginning.

So anyway, as soon as he found out I had been published in an anthology, he went right out and bought it!! And I told him he didn't have to do that. (it's an erotic anthology and some of the content is pretty spicy...mine is a bit on the tame side though) But anyway, he bought it and said he has enjoyed reading it.

So Friday, he tells me I need to autograph his book. I felt completely honored!!! And a bit dumbfounded! What the heck do you write in an autograph???????

I told him I needed a minute to think...this whole autograph signing thing is extremely new to me!!! I went the heartfelt route, thanking him for his support and telling him that it truly means the world to me.

And then I had to sign my name....and I debated, do I sign just my first name?? Grandpa knows who I am. Or do I add my last name so it looks more official??? I went with the first and last.

So please, writers out there, if you've had the amazing pleasure of autographing your book, please share!! I'd love to hear your stories of that first signature!!


  1. What a cute story. I blushed for you, just thinking of a Grandpa reading erotica.

    I haven't met with any success yet in the publishing world (probably because I haven't queried yet, but that's a different story) so I have nothing to share.
    My little sister wants a printed copy of my rough draft for Christmas. Maybe I should sign that, and make it my first (unofficial) autograph. It could be worth money someday, right? :)

  2. Oh, Stephanie, that's so sweet. Man, i would have gotten all sloppy with tears. I can't wait to have a 'first autograph' story. thanks for sharing, and stopping by my blog. It's nice to know I'm not alone! :D

  3. Sorry. I can't be of much help, either, but I sure am happy for you. That's quite a milestone! I'm with MeganRebekah on the thought of dear, old grandpa reading erotica - whoah! :)

    BTW, love your blog!

  4. How cute! I wonder if that dear, old grandpa knew what an impact he would make before he asked. Older people tend to be smart like that.


  5. That's awesome. And how funny that your grandpa's reading erotic romance, lol.

  6. That is so awesome! What a fun thing and so sweet of him. Congrats on your first autograph!

  7. LOL! Thanks everyone!!! I was a bit embarrassed to have my Grandpa reading that stuff...I blogged about it a little while back! LOL!

  8. How cute! What a sweet grandpa. I've never autographed anything. Maybe someday...