Friday, November 13, 2009

Why can't I survive on like 2 hours of sleep???

Life would be so much easier.

I struggle every day with the things I do, the things I should be doing, the things I wish I could do, and the things I need to do.

I try to keep a clean home but in all honesty, there are things that definitely come before making sure the dishes are washed. I try to use my mornings for cleaning, doing other things around the house, exercising. My son roams around and plays...I play with him too. After lunch he naps and that is my time. The house could be a disaster pit and I do not care. I plop down with my laptop and check on everything that's going on in the world and then write or edit or whatever else I need to do with my writing that day. My daughter then comes home from school- we work on homework and I get dinner ready. We eat dinner as a family and then, depending on the night, there's baths, dance class, writers meetings, etc... We try to fit in family time as much as we can too.

But most nights I sit here and wonder where the heck the day went and I feel like I didn't give enough time to any one thing that day. The house is never clean enough, I never get to do as much writing or editing as I want and I feel like I spent hardly any quality time with my kids and husband. And if I do spend more time on any one of these things, I feel horrible that the others were pushed to the side that day.

I know I'm not the only woman in the world that struggles with balancing work, home life and household chores. Is there some magical solution out there???? Some fancy pill I can take that would let me sleep for two hours and be refreshed like I had slept for 10? I've just now decided that if I could have any super power, it would be to never need sleep!


  1. that would be one awesome super power indeed :)

  2. I agree and often wonder the same things. I wish we had something to keep us going, other than illegal drugs that make your skin nasty. LOL

  3. I write in my head while I do the chores...then when I finally sit down at the computer, the words flow.

  4. Wish that worked for me Aubrie! If I get a thought in my head...I need to write it immediately or it's gone forever!! LOL!

  5. Since my son had to be moved into a toddler bed two weeks ago (and has decided to get out of it anytime his eyes crack open), I have indeed been surviving on about that much sleep--it's not pretty, not pretty at all, lol.