Monday, November 9, 2009

Bookstores need carts or something!!!!

I was out and about the other shopping, other miscellaneous errands, one of which included a stop at my local Barnes and Noble.

I love book stores, as I'm sure all writers do.......I walk in and immediately feel at peace. Gleaming covers smile at me...their bindings fresh..unbent. I could easily spend hours walking up and down the aisles, admiring cover art, reading blurbs on the backs and checking the insides too. Oh how I wish I had mega-millions so I could just buy every book I wanted!!

I feel inspired when I'm there too...proof is staring at me from every IS possible to get published and have your book sitting on the shelf with all the others!!!! I usually wish I had my laptop with me so I could snuggle up in one of the nail head trimmed chairs and write and write all day long.

But this trip to B&N was not a very fun one. I had my son with me and unfortunately I only had our double stroller with us and it was buried behind several bags of groceries and other things in our mini-van. No way I could have gotten it out...well...with my sanity still intact anyway. So I took him by the hand and went in. I sighed as I walked past all the tables and the Bargain of my favorite stops in the store. I bee-lined for the children's section to get what I needed. (My daughter has a birthday party to go to and I had another children's present to give. I got both kids Toys R Us gift cards but needed something to go I decided on getting them both an early reader book to go with the GC.) So anyway, my son is almost 22 months and wants to touch everything and run around and I know that if I let go of his hand for two seconds, he will run amok. I manage to sit him on the floor by the early readers. I browse while he also "browses" and yanks books out from their places. I try as quickly as possible to find one girl book and one boy book then clean up my son's mess. (My apologies to the workers of the Children's section at B&N...none were put back where they belonged.) We leave the section and I sadly dash past all the books I wish I could look at and get in line. The clerk asks me if I have a B&N rewards card thingy..I tell him yes but I can't dig for it in my purse. I know that if I let go of my son, he will take off. I pay with my one free hand and we leave.

But if Barnes and Noble had carts with a kid seat......oh yes...I would have been able to spend a ton more time in there!!!


  1. Oh I love Barnes and Noble, too :) I could spend DAYS in there. Maybe when your son gets a little bigger, he'll learn to love books too and sit in one place. I know I did eventually!

  2. Right now he likes to look at pictures in books and turn pages..we have a couple board books that have little flaps to open..he LOVES those!! I try reading to him but he doesn't like to stay on one page long enough to get the story out. In time..... :)