Thursday, November 26, 2009

Found my "thing"!

It's Thanksgiving and what the focus for my family is, after being thankful, of course, is the FOOD!

It seems everyone has their "thing", their signature dish that they make for every single holiday, get-together, or party. Grandma has her cheesecake, Mother in Law has her Lazy Man Pierogi, my mom makes the cheesy potatoes. I never really had a "thing". I like to cook and I think I cook pretty well (or at least follow a recipe decently!). I like to change things up and bring something different to potlucks and such.

But now I have been given a "thing".

Last family get-together at my parent's house, I made a cold broccoli salad. Very tasty...raw broccoli chopped with bacon, slivered almonds, sunflower kernels, red onion. Top it with a dressing made from Miracle Whip, sugar and vinegar...very sweet and very yummy! Everyone loved it...even my brother...he had three helpings. And it is hard to get him to love anything...especially something I made. screw up one dish and you're ridiculed for life!! But not this time.... I watched him take a small first helping out of courtesy, then a bigger second helping. Then I saw him go back for thirds...."Ya like that, don't ya!" I said and he smiled a sly kind of smile and answered a simple "Yes." I'm hoping this excuses me from ever being made fun of again for the infamous Pretzel Dessert Disaster. Knowing my brother, I doubt it :)

So I left my parent's that day happy that I had made something that was such a hit. My aunt called my mom and told her she needed to get the recipe from me.

So fast forward to a week ago. I called my mom and asked what she needed me to bring for Thanksgiving. Last year she told me pop and a box of crackers. That's it??? O...kay....I guess I could handle that. I got her back though...they came here for Christmas and when she asked what to bring...I said "pop and crackers". We got a good laugh out of it. So anyway, when I asked what to bring this year...."How about that broccoli salad?"

So now I have a "thing". I guess it makes planning a breeze and soon I'll be able to make it without glancing at the recipe.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope your "thing" comes out spectacular this year!


  1. I make almost the same one. I use dried cranberries (which is also festive), bacon, red onion, and the broccoli. My recipe calls for celery and sunflower seeds but I omit in case of nut allergies and umm..not sure why I omitted the celery. LOL LIkely didn't have any. Either way-it IS good!

  2. Glad you found your thing! My thing is the pecan sweet potatoes, but this year I hosted the whole shebang, so I made everything but the turkey and dessert. And boy am I tired. I wish someone would have just told me to bring soda and crackers (we don't call it pop in these here parts)!

  3. I keep seeing your face everywhere and since you have such a great name I decided to pop over to your blog. I'm glad I did!

    My thing is chocolate cinnamon rolls. It took me a few tries to perfect the recipe, but now it's pure heaven! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. My thing is apple crisp. Super easy and fabulous. I haven't made it lately so I'm totally craving it now :) My sister had a "thing" of burning anything she attempted to make, but she found her "new thing" in baking. She's really good at it and rarely burns things, now. A plus for all. :)

  5. That sounds super yummy! My mom makes that dressing and puts it over sliced cucumbers. Makes my mouth water thinking of it. Hope you had a great day, woman!

  6. Thanks everyone!!! Love hearing everyone's stories!!

    And thanks Stephanie!! (and yes, fabulous name!!!) ;)