Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hubby made me laugh!!!

So the yesterday he is quizzing our daughter for her spelling test...she's in 1st grade, so the words are pretty simple. One was "lot". She spells it perfectly. I am in the other room and I hear him ask her to spell "a lot". She does and I come right out and say to hubby, " know that's two words, right?" He then proceeds to playfully argue with me. He finally accepts it but then says, "You're just playin' with me, right?"

"No honey.....'a lot' is two words."

So he goes to find a dictionary. I run and get mine and show him he is wrong. I smile and shake my head at him...we have a good laugh.


  1. It took me forever to figure out that a lot was two words! I totally understand where he's coming from!

  2. Ahhh. "Alot". I see that one all the time when editing. Another funny one is "atleast". Which, when you hear it, does sound like one word.

    I think the "alot" thing is confusing to people because there is an "allot". Dunno, though.

  3. Piper I hope you're not seeing it in mine...its one of the words I try very hard to correct when I see it wrong!! LOL!!!

    Truthfully I did used to think it was one word but when i started writing seriouslya dn bought myself a couple good grammar books to refresh my memory...I relearned this little lesson!! I just thought it was hilarious that he thought I was joking around with him!