Friday, November 6, 2009

So my husband says to me the other day.....

Him: "You need to work on an autograph."

Me: "What?"

Him: "You can't go signing autographs with your normal signature. That's boring."

Me: "Um...okay...."

So my husband thinks I need to create some fabulous artwork with my name so when I start doing book signings I will be all set. I'm not a count-my-chickens-before-they've-hatched kind of I am in no way, shape or form going to be creating an autograph any time soon. But his enthusiasm and optimism about my writing career is so wonderful....and baffling.

When I quit my full time gig as a floral designer at a flower shop almost 7 years ago...he was worried....very worried. I was due to have our first child and doing my own floral business from home was always my dream. He was worried about giving up a huge chunk of income. I knew my home-based business would not generate the income my full time job did, but we wouldn't be paying daycare and most importantly, I'd be happy and here for our child. He was less than supportive about the venture but it worked out money-wise.... After a while though...I lost my love for the work....I was taken over by a different, ever-growing passion.

So what did hubby say when I told him I wanted to give up my floral business and ALL income to concentrate on my writing...."Yes! You should do it!"

Men....who understands em'? But I love him to death and it makes me so happy to see him excited about my successes and to hear how he brags about me to his friends, family and coworkers! :)


  1. That's nice to have that much support! I don't know about the signature part, though. You'll have to sign so many, I would use the fastest signature possible to get through everyone in the line! (Cuz you know there will be THAT many!)

  2. Aw, that is so sweet :) He sounds very wonderful and supportive. I think your regular signature would be fine to use, especially if you have neat handwriting :) Your fans will want to read a legible message!

  3. That's really great that your husband is so supportive! Thanks for this post. My advice: come up with a signature that's EASY. If you have to do it over and over again, you'll thank me. ;)

  4. LOL!! My first published book is going to be an no autographs there. :( I just cannot allow myself to think about book signings though......don't want to jinx myself!!

  5. So is it bad that I perfected my autograph in high school (for reals)? At least no one can call me a pessimist, lol.

    It's great that your husband is so supportive. Mine is for now, but I have a feeling that if I'm not published within the next year, he won't be quite so big hearted. :)

  6. I'm thrilled for you that you have a husband who believes in you. I do, too, and I can't imagine it any other way. --- Just Joany

  7. It's always so helpful to have somebody at home cheering you on.

    And... I've always wanted to be a florist! LOL. A vocational test I took put it in the top 6 careers for me, too.

    I'm sure you'll end up signing plenty of books eventually. What I've seen of your writing rocks!