Thursday, May 28, 2009

Writing a sex scene is quite exhilarating!

This morning I was to the point in my novelette/novella where the big sex scene came in...and whoa this was a steamy one!!! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it!!! I hope my readers will enjoy reading it!!!

I am still a bit unsure of myself when it comes to writing sex scenes. A lot of my early work kinda skips over the's there, but there's not much detail...most of my earlier work would be considered "sweet" on the sensuality scale. But lately, I've been feeling the need to write more detailed scenes. I have been reading up on romance lately, all levels of eroticism and I have to admit, the steamier ones are quite exciting to read! I wanted to add a bit more spice to my stories!

My downfall is the terminology though and getting it to sound right. Last thing I want is my scene to sound silly. I think my biggest hurtle is words for male and female genitalia. You can only use 'manhood' so many times! And clinical terms kinda ruin the mood for me! LOL! Guess I need to grab a few more Harlequin Blaze novels and pay closer attention to the actual wording....research...yes...I need to read these books for further research........ :)


  1. Now I'm all interested at how in-depth your sex scenes are! Mine skim the surface and have no room for naming much of anything. That's just my writing, though. I think if I stuck a hot sex scene in one of my books, it would sound pretty silly. I'm glad what you're writing is working for you, though! Now get to your research. ;)

  2. MADE ME LAUGH!! I went through the same thing with naming genitilia. LOL!!! My sex scenes look stupid to me right now, so when you find the wisdom, share! :-)

  3. OMG! Those are exactly the problems I have writing sex scenes too... I feel so silly using some of the terms I've read in romance novels, so dirty using the slang terms my friends and I would, so detached using the correct terminology.. It's such a minefield!

    But man, they are fun to write, aren't they? It's preparing them for other people to read that can be a bit daunting!

  4. Exactly!!! Sometimes I'll type somehting...soemthing I would not say out loud...and think..."this is just not me....". But in most cases, the character is NOT maybe they would use those words!