Monday, May 18, 2009

How do you find a lawyer???

Aside from picking up the yellow pages and browsing over 100 pages of ads???? phone book has that many pages of lawyers.

The only time I've used a lawyer was when we bought our homes...once in 1998 and then again the end of 2007, and both times the real estate agent said "Here's someone I use often." I don't know any lawyers on a personal level so I did a search online and found a site you could search by city and found a list of contract lawyers. I hate just picking up the phone and randomly calling people. Same thing with finding a new doctor...I hate browsing the provider directory...basically picking what name sounds nicest and calling. Do I stick with that strategy?? It has worked pretty well in the past...only once did I get a doctor I wasn't happy with. And I am more comfortable with female doctors...should I call a female lawyer? And I tend to look for younger sounding names...not that I have anything against my elders...but I am more comfortable with someone I can relate to and maybe can relate to me a bit better.

For the most part, I understand the contract without a lawyer's once-over. BUT...I still need to have a lawyer look at it..make sure I'm not signing something I shouldn't be.


  1. My best friend is a lawyer, so I've never had to search for one.
    Is there a website with reviews of lawyers? I know some sites reviews doctors, so maybe there's one for lawyers as well. Other than that, I would just call 2-3 lawyers and ask about their fees and when they squeeze you in. Go with your gut feeling from there.

  2. Can you contact a few by email in the first instance if you feel more comfortable doing that, rather than calling?

  3. I'd one friend has an aunt who is a lawyer...she sent her an email on my behalf, to see if it's something she could do...hopefully via email. She doesn't live here....couple hours away. I'm hoping it's something she can read and email me about. The entire thing is only 8 pages long.

  4. Good luck! Luckily (or unluckily depending on how I look at it), I've never needed a lawyer. But congrats on finally getting where you want to be!