Tuesday, May 12, 2009

*Sigh*...looks like a name change may be in order.

I really loved the name 'Spellbound' and in a lot of ways it really fit the story. My MC-Roda's religion was never the main plot, but it's a big part of who she is and who her family is. (Just like anyone, religion is a big part of who they are...this is real life here). In the beginning of the story, her mom tells her she said a spell for love for her and is convinced a friend's nephew is the answer. Just so happens the spell was actually answered in the form of a man Roda met earlier that same day. So to me, 'Spellbound' fit and it was cute.......but does it really fit the rest of the story???

And.....now after the response from that one publisher about not wanting to take at look at a book that "pits one religion against another" I am quite paranoid about the whole religious aspect and if I have emphasized it too much in the query. (hence the reason I may have gotten zero bites on this story).

The story is really about the couple and the challenges the face coming from two extremely different worlds...They have many differences, religion is part of it, but they have very different lifestyles in general; their parents and siblings, jobs, finances, hobbies, etc...they are just very different people. But they find a HUGE connection in the fact that both of their personal beliefs have scared away lovers in the past... They learn about each other, accept each others differences...grow...fall in love.

Things get messy when his mother sticks her nose where it doesn't belong...she does not approve of Roda's beliefs and does not want her son to marry her. It shakes Roda a bit, but they move along, ignoring his mother. Until one bizarre disaster after another...Roda starts to wonder if they are all signs that they moved too fast, (for her, signs are a big deal)...maybe they are too different after all... In a moment of pure stress and just being at the end of her rope, Roda calls off the wedding.

Roda is then thrown into drama in her family and must be strong for them..no time to dwell on her own problems. But she finds out the unexplained disasters were not signs at all...her mother in law to-be had caused every single one. Roda grabs back the happiness that was stolen from her.

So anyway, my point in this mini synopsis is to ask your advice on a new name. Bottom line, the story is about love and the understanding of differences and the compromises that need to be made in any relationship. Here's what I got so far:

A Compromising Love
A Love of Compromises
A Happy Medium
The Happy Medium of Love
Love’s Happy Medium
The Sweetness of Compromise
A Spell of Compromise
Love in the Real World
The Reality of Love

Anything jumping out at ya???? Suggestions?? I am completely open!

P.S.- It's contemporary romance, so sappy titles are acceptable.


  1. As a suggestion, it could be an idea to focus on what is causing all the difficulty that needs to be overcome. Is there something particular about the MIL or something she uses to cause the issues?

  2. I don't have a problem with Spellbound and think it works and fits the book.

    However if you feel that it's hurting your chances, I'll throw in a few suggestions to mull over:
    Bound By Love
    Bound By Compromise
    Love Binds
    Loving Compromise
    When Opposites Attract

    The title for my WIP, Anomaly, came easily for me. But my back burned WIP, tentatively titled Killing Roses came from a lot of word play. I opened a new Word document and just started listing possibilities. I must have had fifty titles written out, then I started striking through the ones that didn't work right or weren't my favorite. I got it narrowed down to two or three and picked the one that felt right.

  3. Hmmm...in general, it's her ignorance and snobbery and basically her ridiculousness that they have to overcome. Let's see what I can do with my thesaurus:

    Taming Ignorance
    Breaking Down Ignorance
    Breaking Down Arrogance
    Taming the Beast: A Daughter-in-Law's Battle
    Besting the Bitch: A Daughter-in-Law's Battle

    Let me think some more....maybe after I eat lunch I can think better!

  4. Thanks Megan for the suggestions...I replied before I saw your post!

  5. I agree that Spellbound still works. It think it sounds intriguing for a contemporary romance. I'm not sure about using the word compromise in the title, it just doesn't draw me in. I like the suggestion above, Love Binds. Bound by Love maybe. I think I just like that word "bind" or "bound" :)

  6. Personally I think Spellbound is great! My next choice would be a Spell of Compromise. Maybe since her mom said a spell, and I assume she's not a witch, maybe use prayer somehow because a lot of people ask for prayers to be answered. I'm bad at titles, I recently changed my own and did have some writer friends help me and I'm happy with the change.

    As for emphasizing on religion, that's what ur story is! Don't feel like you have to cut some stuff out because it's not getting any bites, there's a lot of publishers and agents who seek christian love stories! A lot! So if you want to focus on there super different do it, but as mentioned above she's a sign girl, and I'm taking it she's only that because of her faith.

    Don't worry things will come together! Find what makes you happy in a title and query. I know I tested all my titles I liked in print with my ms and that helped. Good Luck!

  7. LOL! It's not a Christian type of story though..... there are a few steamy sex scenes and there are a couple nasty fight scenes.

    The MC is Wiccan, her love interest is Catholic. But the story is not all about their religions...it's about working through all their differences. I'm just afraid the title 'Spellbound' sounds weird when the query makes no mention of the MC being Wiccan or her practice of witchcraft. And if I put their difference of religion back in, I'm just afraid that is what is scaring agents away......

    Thanks everyone for all the advice!!!!

  8. I don't think Spellbound would be weird, even in the query, because love can feel like a spell has been cast, even if you're not Wiccan. And it seems like an appropriate title for a romance.