Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sitting here all bundled up!

Why? Because my house is so darn cold!!! It shouldn't's like 70 outside...but for some reason, my house, maybe cause it's brick, is always so darn chilly! (It does stay relatively warm in the winter though!)

So I'm here on the couch, in long pants, a long sleeve tee, socks, wrapped in a blanket...laptop sitting aglow.....I'm in my cocoon! This is where the name for my blog came from. My husband used to laugh at me. I'd be all tucked into my cocoon (electric blanket on high) and I'd need something or the kids would need somethng or the phone would ring. SUCH a hassle to get out and mess it all up. "Don't worry, honey," he'd say a bit sarcastically, but with a smile, "I'll get it, you're in your cocoon!"

So in the beginning, that's what the cocoon was all being warm and snuggly and a little bit silly (and perhaps, um, lazy). But then the cocoon seemed to take on a different meaning. If you read the line I have written at the top of my blog, this whole cocoon thing has become more about the beauty that metamorphoses (is this word right...not sure, but it's staying!) Anyway, it's about the amazing things that I create while I am in my cocoon. I go in as one person and come out as another and after doing this time after time, I am finally coming out a little closer to full magnificent butterfly status...aka....a published author!


  1. I love to bundle up under a warm blanket and right as I get settled in - that's always when the phone or doorbell rings!
    Have you tried the Snuggle blanket? I see it on advertisements but haven't known anyone who actually bought it yet.

  2. The Snuggie!! I was tempted, but afraid I'd get made fun of!!! LOL! And I really like my electric if they made a Snuggie that could be plugged in.....oh my......might not be able to pass on that!!! LOL!

  3. Awww, what a pretty image! You as a butterfly. As you know, I use this same image for publication, too. My parents always said was 'nesting' when I was writing all bundled up. I'm always cold!