Sunday, May 31, 2009

I want to work!!!!

I find it really interesting when I hear friends, family members, even my own husband, say how they like their job, even love it, but they can't wait to get home to spend time with their families or do other things...basically they can't wait to be away from work each day and weekends are their paradise. And while I love my family immensely, I have many many days where I wish so badly I could go and do the work that I love. To me it doesn't feel like "work". Cleaning my house is work....doing laundry, cooking dinner, doing yard work...that is my definition of work.'s my nirvana. I start and I don't want to stop. I get so involved in my imaginary world that I hate pulling myself away from what I am creating. I want to continue..I want to see where my characters go. I want to create their problems and solve them. I want to create sexual tension and then relieve it (that's the best part!!) I want to create something that is all me.


  1. I'm with you. Writing doesn't feel like work to me either. that's another story. :D
    ~ Wendy
    *I haven't heard that Smashing Pumpkins song in so long!

  2. I love when writing feels like a vacation, and not like a chore. Right now it's feeling slightly tedious for me. Which makes me think I should take a break and start another WIP, but my current one is so close to having this edit round finished I don't want to stop. Perserverance baby!

  3. There are even times I enjoy editing!!! LOL!! Query writing, synopsis writing....yuck...that feels like doing the dishes....hate it but gotta do it!