Monday, May 4, 2009

Since I've mentioned my featured reader spot...

I might as well post the link!

Scroll down and click on my name! And while you're there, take a listen to some of my favorite writers and poets: Blue, Marek, Denise, Carl, and Sue!

I'll warn is long...oops...I went over my time limit. First was a poem, the only poem I've ever written. Next was an essay that was published in Nickel City Nights: Erotic Writing in Western NY- but rest assured, my piece was pretty much the tamest one in the book! And lastly was the first two chapters of my novelette- Soap Dreams.


  1. Do I need a certain plug in to listen to it? I checked out your link, but nothing would play?

    Thanks for the add be the way! Maybe you can send me some of your sensual scenes so I can see how a pro does it! Mine are okay, I've got some good feedback from a few writers, but more never hurts!

  2. Hmmm...that is weird. I just tried it..clicked on the link that says "click here" and it played fine.

    Sara, thanks for following my blog! Look for an email from me with some pieces that were recently published in an erotic anthology!