Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Floating on a cloud today!

I wish I could report that it had something to do with writing and my quest for publishing success....but it doesn't.

Yesterday and then last week Thursday and Friday, I found myself feeling an awful lot like that insane uncle in "One Crazy Summer"...you know, the John Cusak movie with a very hippee-esque Demi Moore?? Hoops helps Cassandra go up against Teddy the rich guy to keep her grandfather's house, and they fall in love along the way and win the big regatta race at the end. Anyway, Hoop's friend's uncle was in his room listening to the radio waiting for the jingle to be played and he had to be whatever # caller to win a million dollars. Well, last week and especially last night, I was totally that guy. I didn't have the wiry hair or the taped glasses...and I wasn't chain smoking, but I was sitting on my bed with both my cell phone and my hubby's...waiting for the song of the day to play.

And then it played....and i dialed and redialed and sat with two cell phones on speaker phone as I sat and as soon as I heard the busy signal, pressed end then send and send again to redial. And I got through more than a couple times......Caller 1, caller 4, caller 20-something, caller 48 (I was on the air for that one), caller 77, caller 90- something..............THEN.....................caller number 101!!!!!!!!!!! The magic number was MINE!!!

And what did this magic number get me??? Nothing actually....BUT I am now in the running to win a trip to Hollywood, CA to see my most favorite guys in concert!!! Only 10 people will qualify for this trip...I have a 1 in 10 shot at winning!

I am 31 and not embarrassed to admit that I screamed and jumped all around my house. I was shaking and could not contain my giddyness. When it was time for bed, my mind started wandering to the maybes and what ifs of winning this trip and after an hour in my bed, was still not able to sleep!!!

So now I have to wait till next Monday when they announce the winner. My fellow New Kids crazed friend is going to try her damnedest to qualify too........then we'd have a 1 in 5 shot at winning......OMG!!!

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