Sunday, March 8, 2009

A 5-page Partial Request

The partial request. This is step two in the query process. Step one is piquing their interest with my one-page letter...a mere 200 words about my entire story....a short blurb that is supposed to convince them they want more. Then, an extreme rarity, they actually ask for more. This is my foot in the big chance to "wow" the agent in a few pages.

So far, I have only sent out three queries for Spellbound. I wasn't ready yet for a full on query blast. All three were online forms I filled out...simple, easy and quick. One was for an agent who I have queried before. I like her. She's very nice and each time she's given me a non-form letter rejection after reading a 5-page partial. Today I checked my e-mail and sitting there in my inbox was a request from her to read my first five pages.

So now I will send them off...and sit..and wait...and wish...and pray...and wish some more...and pray some more....that this time will be different...this time will be right...this time I will impress her enough that she will offer me representation.

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