Monday, March 16, 2009

Time to Query

Feeling a little sad right now...finally heard back from the agent who asked to read the first 5 pages of my manuscript....didn't like it.

I was excited to start querying....but now I just wonder if I'm just setting myself up for more and more rejections just like this one.

But I guess you never know unless you try...this was just one agent's opinion.

My query is done...I think. I read it over and over and I just cannot think of any other way to make it better.


  1. I am so there with you. When I got an email back from an agent saying she'd like to read my full, I was SO excited. And then I got back a form rejection. I was like, How could you take the time to read through my novel (or at least part of it) and not tell me why you rejected it? (I know how, but I still don't like it)

    Plus there were the other eighteen rejections without asking for pages, of course.

    Found your blog since you were following Query Shark and I'm always looking for other blogging writers to follow. :) Good luck in your journey towards publishing!

  2. Thanks! And welcome to my tiny part of the world. I love to commiserate with other writers!