Friday, March 20, 2009

Been busy...will be busy for the next few days

I like being busy. I like feeling matter what it is I actually do to keep busy.

Yesterday I didn't get on the computer until about 9:30 last night. Not checking email, Facebook, blogs, all that stuff...not a big's there when I'm ready for it. But a day away from some kind of writing related thing..whether it be querying or actually adding to a story...that makes me feel a bit unsettled and unaccomplished.

So what did I do and what will I be doing to keep me busy???

I spent yesterday with my girlfriends, crafting shirts for the concert we're attending on Sunday. Yes, we're nerdy like that...but we look so incredibly cute!! We crafted shirts for the last concert we went to as well. (This is my 3rd time in 6 months seeing these guys. "True Fans" we call ourselves.) And we're not the only ones who do this. Thousands of girls...ahem..women....stand in packed arenas with hand-made shirts spouting love for these 5 dreamy idols on stage. We feel zero embarrassment screaming like boy-crazy teens and singing along to every last note.

So that was yesterday.

Today is a lazy day. Well, I shouldn't say lazy. I did manage to send queries to the last 20 or so agents on my list...55 sent in total. (10 rejections so far) I haven't yet tackled the paper-only agents. Come on, people.....let's go Green!!! There are a bunch on my list who will not under any circumstance accept an email query. I don't get it. Writer friends tell me they think it's their way of limiting the amount of queries they get. It's so easy to send an takes actual effort to mail in a paper submission....only a serious writer would go through all that trouble. And while I agree...I just don't understand the agent's need to waste so much paper and postage. (And don't even get me started on the ones that don't even have a website!!!) Yeah, they can recycle...but still. So I may still query those agents...but I'll need to come up with some cash to ship the packets first....... A 50-page writing sample, 10-page synopsis and then the query's a good $2.50-$3 to ship. And multiply that by like 15.

Tomorrow is a post St. Patty's Day party. Should be fun....parties at this friend's house always are!! After this week of querying and headaches...I need a night of relaxation.

Sunday I plan on attending a small press book fair. My main objective it to chat with some local publishers. The big guys in NYC won't accept submissions from unagented writers and seeing as I am having trouble finding an agent...I might as well check with the small guys.

After hopefully asking some good contacts at the book fair...I will be off to Erie, PA for a night of music and magic!! Jordan, I truly will be "Loving You Forever!!"

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