Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy busy busy!!

YIKES! This new blog was not supposed to go so many days without a post!!

Apologies to my loyal readers...all 6 of you.

Seems we all have busy days, weeks, months...things just get away from you. You get so immersed in whatever you're doing...and some things just get tossed aside.

I have been looking into some new and exciting things though...for me anyway. One is the Romance Writers of America. Now that I know what I write is definitely in the romance genre....I feel quite at home on the RWA site and really feel like I need to join. Unfortunately the $110 fee is standing in my way. I plan on working on it....sell some blood on ebay or something..I don't know.

I also checked out and what is involved in publishing your work for the Kindle. Apparently anyone can publish and it's free. You set the fees for your work, and amazon obviously gets a cut. I need to read all I can. I just need to make sure that if I do this, that some day down the road, if I say, sell 1000 copies on Amazon, can I then go to a publisher and use that info to get a publishing contract for that book.

And lastly, I've been snooping arond the Harlequin website and I'm excited to find they accept unagented submissions. I prepared a query for A Bitch Named Karma and that will be shipping out tomorrow. I plan on querying Spellbound as well...but will hold on that for at least a few weeks. There are still tons of agents I haven't heard from yet.

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