Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just shy of 1000...for now.

Had a pretty productive writing day today...and the day is barely started! I am working on a novelette....finished product will be between 9-10,000 words. A friend sent me a link to a new romance publication that publishes fiction of that length. I thought I'd give it a whirl....if I did my 1000 words a day, which I have done very successfully in the past...I could have this thing done and polished in 2-3 weeks time. It's something new and challenging and I like it. I love writing novels where you can get intricate with characterization and really stretch into a detailed story that takes place over a period of time, while adding some subplots and things....but this is kinda fun too. I have to stick to just the main story and my cast of characters is really small. It's almost simpler.

The working title of this piece is Soap Dreams...and basically it's about a women who becomes a soap opera writer for a show where the main character is the ex-boyfriend who made her promises then broke her heart. He knows he messed up and wants her back...problem is, she's married with a family and is happy...or is she???????

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